Oneida County Health Department restaurant inspections for December


Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations.
Here are Health Department ratings after inspections in December:

Critical violations:

New Hartford School Age Child Care, 25 Oxford Road: Food thermometer for taking cold and hot temperatures was not available. Corrected by purchasing a new one.

Willowvale Diner, 3410 Oneida St., Chadwicks: One pan of approximately 3 pounds cooked home fries on metal shelf above grill top at 101F for 30 minutes, according to food worker. Home fries placed in refrigerator. Corrected. Non-critical violations: Inside and outside of small prep cooler behind front counter is dirty with spilled food & grease. Drain on two bay sink in back food prep area, next to stove, is leaking. Floor is dirty underneath equipment. Ceiling is dirty with grease above stove area.

Taberg Tower Tubing, 7142 Julie St., Taberg: Unpasturized eggs stored on second shelf of refrigerator over bread and prepared celery. No contaimination was observed. Corrected. Moved to bottom of refrigerator. Non-critical violation: Thermometer inside refigerator is broken and unreadable. Temperature was evaluated to be 40F.

Little Caesars Pizza, 1 Black River Blvd., Rome: Spray bottle of computer screen cleaner was found unlabeled near computer and prep area. Corrected by labeling with marker.

Varick Bar and Grill, 616 Varick St., Utica: Raw eggs on top of shelf in refigerator. Correted by moving to the bottom shelf.

Whitestown Youth Hockey Association, 1 Champion Way, Whitesboro: No probe thermometer available to measure temperatures during cooking and reheating of foods.

Food Consultants at MVCC AYCE, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica: Hard boiled eggs on the salad bar were found to be 50F. The eggs were on the salad bar for under an hour as per interview with the manager. CORRECTED: The eggs were moved to the refrigerator. Pasta salad on the salad bar was found to be 54F. The pasta salad was on the salad bar for over two hours as per interview with the manager. CORRECTED: The pasta salad was voluntarily discarded. Cooked pasta on the Kekou Kitchen line was found to be 65F. The pasta was on the line for an undetermined amount of time as per interview with the manager. CORRECTED: The pasta was voluntarily discarded.
Pasta alfredo on the salad bar was found to be 106F, green beans on the salad bar were 95F, onions and black beans on the salad bar were both 96F. All items were on the salad bar for over two hours as per interview with the manager. CORRECTED: All food was voluntarily discarded.

The Village Pub, 138 Campbell Ave., Yorkville: Raw eggs are stored above cooked ham in the upright cooler in the kitchen. CORRECTED: The eggs were moved to the bottom shelf of the cooler. Raw chicken is stored above cooked Mac n cheese and coleslaw Pepsi cooler in the kitchen. CORRECTED: The chicken was moved to the bottom shelf of the cooler. Non-critical violation: A carton of eggs is stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler.

Red Samurai Japanese Steak House, 8562 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: One small container of cooked eel on counter in sushi area at 62F for 1 hour, according to manager. Eel moved to cooler and cooled down to 45F or less. Corrected. Non-critical violations: Bags and buckets of food stored on floor of walk-in cooler. Cardboard and fabric napkins used to line shelves - not easily cleanable. Numerous in-use dirty wiping cloths found on countertops, not stored properly in sanitizing solution. Insides and outsides of coolers dirty with food debris. Shelf in dishwashing area dirty with grease and dust. Floor is dirty with grease and food debris throughout the kitchen.

Non-critical violations:

La Roma Pizzeria, 600 Floyd Ave., Rome: Green wire rack shelf near dishwashing needs to be cleaned. Green wire rack shelf near walk in cooler needs to be cleaned.

Uno Pizzeria and Grill, 8645 Clinton St., New Hartford: The outside and inside of the two door pizza prep cooler next to pizza oven is dirty with grease and food debris. Two prep coolers across from the pizza oven are dirty with grease and food debris, inside and out. Shelves in dry storage area are dirty with crumbs. Wire metal racking in walk in cooler dirty with grease and food debris. Top of pizza oven dirty with grease and food debris. Faucet on hand wash sink in front section of kitchen is leaking profusely. Bottom of mop sink is in disrepair — tiles missing. Hand wash sink in cooking/food prep area inaccessible - garbage can positioned in front of hand wash sink, blocking access. Floor is wet and dirty with grease and food debris under equipment. Floor is missing grout between tiles throughout kitchen area. Ceiling above food prep coolers is dirty with grease and dust debris.

Killabrew Saloon, 10 Clinton Road, New Hartford: Case of ketchup bottles stored on floor in waitress area. Thermometer missing in glass door bar/waitress cooler which contains sour cream & other potentially hazardous foods. (Actual temperature of cooler at 40F) White poly cutting board on sandwich prep cooler has deep grooves and is stained. Four floor tiles missing in front of salad prep cooler at far end of kitchen. Two ceiling tiles missing above food prep area at far end of kitchen, insulation exposed.

Champion’s Buffet at hotel at Vernon Downs, 4229 Stuhlman Road, Vernon: Kitchen floor needs to be cleaned along walls and under equipment.

Wicks Staley Post 231, 2311 Main St., Clayville: One corner of kitchen floor coated with dust, dirt and unidentifiable globules between freezer and sink, next to mop bucket. Floor in front of sink has damaged floor tiles exposing wood underlayment.

The Utica Lounge, 812 Charlotte St., Utica: Ladies room missing paper towels.

Craylee’s, 237 Bleecker St., Utica: Wire rack shelf, holding bread above toaster, needs to be cleaned. Shelf above stove, holding pans, needs to be cleaned. Shelves on wall, to the right of the stove need to be cleaned. Prep cooler, on cook line, needs to be cleaned.

China Moon, 48 Main St., Camden: Shelf under prep table needs to be cleaned.

Pizza Plus, 5 Main St., Camden: Floor tiles broken or missing in three bay sink area.
Mazzaferro Brothers, 2012 N. James St., Rome: Kitchen floor needs to be smooth and easily cleanable.

Michael T’s Restaurant, 8390 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: Top units of prep coolers, on cook line, need to be cleaned. Kitchen floor needs to be cleaned under equipment and prep tables.

Village Pizza, 39 Genesee St., New Hartford: Cooler on cook line needs to be cleaned. Grease trap found leaking grease on kitchen floor.

The Back Nine Restaurant, 8752 Turin Road, Rome: Food found stored on floor of walk in cooler. Brown shelves, behind bar, need to be cleaned. Bottom shelf and door tracks of glass door cooler, in kitchen need to be cleaned.

Great Wall, 34 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro: Rodent feces observed in the bathroom. A rat trap and a live trap were being used. Rodents have chewed holes through the bathroom wall. Grease, grime and food debris on the floor below the stove and cooler.

Empire Crab Inc., 913 Court St., Utica: Bags of flour, rice, and sugar are uncovered in the kitchen. Grime, grease and food debris on the shelving of the walk-in cooler. Rodent feces and a dead mouse observed at the time of inspection. Grease, grime, food debris on the floors throughout the kitchen.

Babe’s at Harbor Point, 80 N. Genesee St., Utica: The floor of the walk-in beer cooler is in disrepair.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Utica, 200 Genesee St.: Large ice scoop stored on top of dusty ice machine.

O’Baby’s Gourmet Pizza and Sandwich Shoppe, 4126 Oneida St., New Hartford: Two large white poly cutting boards on prep coolers have deep grooves and marks.

Black Rice Sushi and Thai Cuisine, 675 Bleecker St., Utica: Glass cooler doors are dirty with grease.

Mason Jar, 5367 E. Seneca St., Vernon: Handwashing sink in kitchen area missing paper towels.

Sumo Hibachi & Sushi, 4671 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: Inside and outside of coolers and other equipment dirty with grease and food debris. Floors dirty with grease and food debris.

Village Tavern, 14 College St., Clinton: The inside shelves of the refrigerators are dirty with food debris. Floor under fryers and other equipment dirty with grease and food debris.

Seymour’s Diner and Grill, 4836 Route 233, Westmoreland: Inside and outside of coolers dirty with grease and food debris. Floor dirty with grease and food debris, especially under equipment.

Irish Cultural Center, 623 Columbia St., Utica: Floor in walk in cooler is dirty with food debris.

No violations:

Le Bistro at Utica College

Rome Rescue Mission, 411 East Dominick St.

Upstate Cerebral Palsy Preschool and Day Care Building A, 1601 Armory Drive, Utica

Soul Bowl NY, 4827 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

NYS School for the Deaf, 401 Turin St., Rome

Spressos Coffee, Cookies and Cakes, 160 Brooks Road, Rome

Moe’s Southwest Grill, 1877 Black River Blvd., Rome

Campus Company, 401 Turin St., Rome

Sacred Heart of Jesus-Holy Cross, 206 Main St., New York Mills

Grande’s Pizzeria of Rome, 111 Floyd Ave.

Best Chinese Food Pizza and Pasta, 233 E. Dominick St., Rome

N.D. Peters Head Start, 1600 Armory Drive, Utica

Neighborhood Center Day Care, 615 Mary St., Utica

Stockyard Inn, 215 S. James St., Rome

Masonic Child Care Center, 2150 Bleecker St., Utica

Willowvale Fire Co., 3459 Oneida St., Chadwicks

Beaver Creek Golf Bar and Grill, 7836 Route 20, Sangerfield

American Legion Post 26, 7683 Main St., Clark Mills

All Saints Parish, 801 Hickory St., Rome

Durhamville Elementary School

Luigi’s Italian Cuisine, 421 North James St., Rome

NYE Ave Head Start, Utica

St. Paul’s Nazareth Day Care, 11 Parkway Drive, Whitesboro

Joan’s Diner, 3480 Oneida St., Chadwicks

Coffee Culture Revival, 8833 Blossvale Road

American Legion Post 1309, Taberg

Madison-Oneida BOCES Culinary Arts, 4937 Spring Road, Verona

American Legion Post 1794, 9025 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Lee Center

VVS Middle School

VVS Senior High School

Mr. G’s at Hotel at Vernon Downs, 4229 Stuhlman Road, Vernon

Verona Hotel, 5693 E. Main St., Verona

Main St. Tavern, 2298 Dewing Ave., Clayville

J.D. George Elementary, Verona

Sylvan Beach Fire Department

Stanwix Heights Fire Department

The Savoy, 255 E. Dominick St., Rome

Society San Gregorio, 303 1/2 E. Dominick St., Rome

Polish American Veterans’ Post, 302 S. James St., Rome

American Ukrainian Vet’s Mens Club, 208 Canal St., Rome

Disabled American Veterans Chapter 20, 407 E. Dominick St., Rome

Capitol Theatre, 220 W. Dominick St., Rome

First Baptist Church, 301 W. Embargo St., Rome

Roll Roll Ice Cream, 8555 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Oriskany Falls Bowling Center, 168 Madison St.

The Green Onion Pub, 2018 Genesee St., Utica

Rome Art and Community Center, 208 W. Bloomfield St.

Una Bar, 620 Eagle St., Utica

Luna, 706 Varick St., Utica

Valley Brook Lounge, 8463 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Art and Vine, 157 Genesee St., Utica

Clinton Arena Concession, 36 Kirkland Ave., Clinton

Oneida County Correctional Facility, 6075 Judd Road, Oriskany

Trinity Services Group Main Kitchen, 6075 Judd Road, Oriskany

Denny’s, 200 S. James St., Rome

Raspberrie’s Cafe of Rome, 1700 N. James St.

Marcy Correctional Facility, 9000 Old River Road

Midstate Correctional Facility, 9005 River Road, Marcy

Rome Wesleyan Bread of LIfe, 401 N. Washington St., Rome

Sugarbeets, 417 W. Dominick St., Rome

Eddie’s Paramount Diner, 414 W. Dominick St., Rome

Plate Hotel Utica, 2 Lafayette St., Utica

Acropolis Greek Restaurant, 621 James St., Utica

Joey’s at 307, 307 Mohawk St., Utica

Griffiss Child Development Center, 276 Brookley Road, Rome

Rome Catholic School, 800 Cypress St., Rome

DeMatteo’s Restaurant, 705 E. Dominick St., Rome

Mitsuba Sushi Bar and Grill, 1790 Black River Blvd., Rome

Mano A Bocca, 408 Rutger St., Utica

Mohawk Valley Community College Rome, 1101 Floyd Ave.

Outta The Way Cafe, 814 Charlotte St., Utica

Camden Elementary School

Camden Middle School

Camden High School

Shorty’s Deli, 38 Main St., Camden

Avicolli’s Pizza, 78 Main St., Camden

McDonald’s, 1148 Erie Blvd., Rome

Patak’s Fire N Ice Hookah Lounge, 26 Bank Place, Utica

Nicole’s of Camden, 9501 Harden Blvd.

Applebee’s, 1794 Black River Blvd., Rome

El Jarocho Mexican Restaurant and Bar, 1305 Floyd Ave., Rome

The Mill, 611 E. Dominick St., Rome

Island Breeze, 517 Mandeville St., Utica

Holland Farms Bakery and Deli, 50 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville

Applebee’s, 300 Riverside Drive, Utica

Gerber’s 1933 Tavern, 16 Liberty St., Utica

Palermo Pizzeria, 1305 Genesee St., Utica

Good Panda House, 248 Genesee St., Utica

La Roma’s of Camden, 3 Harden Blvd.

Gone Coastal, 5345 Lee Center-Taberg Road, Lee Center

Simmer Jamaican Restaurant, 606 South St., Utica

Galliano Club, 239 E. Dominick St., Rome

BPOE Rome Elks Club, 126 W. Liberty St.

Speedway Club, 5571 Route 5, Vernon

Bazar Grill, 907 Third Ave., Utica

Trattoria Calabria, 706 Culver Ave., Utica

The Sanctuary, 728 Court St., Utica

Orchard Hall Restaurant, 2955 Oneida St., Sauquoit

Burger King, 7 Headwaters Plaza, Route 12, Boonville

Moose River, Holiday Inn, 1777 Burrstone Road, New Hartford

The Hub Eatery, 222 Bleecker St., Utica

DeSalvo Catering, 413 N. James St., Rome

Teddy’s of Rome, 851 Black River Blvd.

Palisades Hotel, 1921 North James St., Rome

Vigneto Bar and Grille, 229 E. Dominick St., Rome

Rail and Canal, 6611 Martin St., Rome

Di Castro’s Brick Oven, 615 Erie Blvd. West, Rome

Di Castro’s Too, 738 Erie Blvd., Rome

China House Restaurant, 503 N. James St., Rome

Boyz From Italy, 262 W. Dominick St., Rome

Fuji Sushi and Japanese Steak House, 5925 Rome-Taberg Road, Rome

Black River Ale House, 1747 Black River Road, Rome

Eurest-Utica Cafeteria, 5701 Horatio St., Utica

Wendy’s Diner and Ice Cream, 1717 Route 8, Cassville

Sodexo at SUNY IT Campus Center, 100 Seymour Road, Utica

Sodexo at SUNY IT Student Center, Route 12, Utica

Sodexo (Mario Cafe) at Cayan Library, 100 Seymour Road, Utica

Food Consultants at MVCC Coffee Shop, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica

Season’s ADK Cafe, 12228 Route 28, Woodgate

Buffalohead Steakhouse, 10626 North Lake Road, Forestport

Garramone’s Restaurant, 11770 O’brien Road, Forestport

Michael’s Alder Creek Inne, 11573 Route 12, Boonville

N.J. Walbran Elementary School, 8610 Route 69, Oriskany

Eurest Dining at Met Life, 5950 Airport Road, Oriskany

New York Mills Union Free School, 1 Maurauder Blvd.

Notre Dame Jr. Sr. High School, 2 Notre Dame Lane, Utica

Tony’s Pizzeria Whitesboro, 195 Oriskany Blvd.

Bennu Cafe, 34 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro

Franco’s Pizzeria, 34 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro

Blue Anchor, 12221 Route 28, Poland

Remsen Jr.-Sr. High

Cindy’s Diner, 9250 Route 12, Remsen

Holland Patent Central High

Priscilla’s Place, 8583 Route 365, Stittville

Benni’s Place, 9543 Main St., Holland Patent

Grande’s Pizzeria of Holland Patent, 9557 Main St.

Sweet Basil, 118 Mappa Ave., Barneveld

Tavern on the Gorge, 114 State St., Prospect

Cugini’s Pizzeria, 8182 Route 12, Barneveld

Jak’s Bar and Grill, 7336 Trenton Road, Barneveld

12 North Sports Bar, 10125 Mullaney Road, Marcy

Jonny B’s Tavern, 8345 New Floyd Road, Rome

Ralph Perry Junior High School, New Hartford

Sauquoit High School

Bundy Dining Hall, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton

Donovan Middle School, Utica

Proctor High School, Utica

Whitesboro Senior High School

Sodexo at Strable Utica College

The Pioneer/Subway at Utica College

Delicias Boricua, 907 Bleecker St., Utica

Lightbox Events Center, 852 Bleecker St., Utica

Herrera E! Sabor Latinos, 339 Bleecker St., Utica

West Side Senior Center, 711 Court St., Utica

Chowder House, 57 Burrstone Road, New York Mills

Castlewood Cafe, 1307 Champlin Ave., Utica

Raspberries Cafe and Creamery, 2634 Genesee St., Utica

Tony’s Pizzeria, 23 Burrstone Road, Utica

Beijing House, 1506 Genesee St., Utica

Apsara Restaurant, 32 Bank Place, Utica

Pizza Classic, 180 Genesee St., Utica

Venice Pizzeria, 601 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville

China Wong of Utica, 601 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville

Grande’s Pizzeria of Sauquoit, 9527 Pinnacle Road

Daniele At Valley View Country Club, 620 Memorial Parkway, Utica

Tony Lupino’s Bella Cucina, 4479 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Breeze’s Banquet and Event Center, 215 Leland Ave., Utica

Boneyard BBQ Bar and Grill, 244 Roosevelt Drive, Utica

Phoenician Restaurant, 623 French Road, New Hartford

Fort Schuyler Club, 254 Genesee St., Utica

Green N Wave, 8555 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Casa Too Mucha, 13 Genesee St., New Hartford

One Genny, 1 Genesee St., New Hartford

Twin Ponds Golf and Country Club, 169 Main St., New York Mills

Club Monarch, 16 Erie St., Yorkville

Oneida County 40 & 8, Local 92, 5163 Judd Road, Whitesboro

Packy’s Pub, 9281 Kellogg Road, Washington Mills

Jersey Mike’s Subs, 4759 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

The Sunset Grill, 1319 Main St., Sylvan Beach

Gary’s Restaurant, 6367 Lake Shore Road S, Verona Beach

Carbone’s Beachside, 1208 Main St., Sylvan Beach

Carbone’s Beachside Banquet, 1201 Main St., Sylvan Beach

Oneida Lake Brew Haus, 6266 Lake Shore Road S, Verona Beach

Durhamville Am Vets Club, 5350 Canal St.

The Creekside Inn, 3960 Sconondoa Road, Oneida

Dibble’s Inn, 5211 E. Seneca St., Vernon

The Cannery, 1 Ward St., Vernon

Ancora, 261 Genesee St., Utica

The Original Kitty’s, 61 Clinton Road, New Hartford

Black Stallion Restaurant, 5656 Route 5, Vernon

Nola’s/Well and Good, 9 West Park Row, Clinton

Golden’s, 244 Genesee St., Utica

Court-Vue Luncheonette, 219 Elizabeth St., Utica

Joe’s Restaurant DBA 927 Jay St., Utica

Clear for Takeoff Foods, 19 Fawncrest Blvd., New Hartford

Acacia Village, 2160 Bleecker St., Utica

New Hartford High School

Taste of Clinton, 3 Fountain St., Suite 102, Clinton


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