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Oneida County Health Department conducts food service inspections

Posted 12/1/18

Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are …

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Oneida County Health Department conducts food service inspections


Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are Health Department ratings after inspections in October:

Temporary residence inspection:

Nicole’s of Camden: No violations were observed.

With violations:

The Dinghy Bar, 728 Plant St., Utica: One violation found: Floors behind bar area and in the men’s room need to be repaired or replaced. Reinspection is not required.

Los Paisanos, 202-204 James St., Utica: Critical violation: Raw chicken stored over lettuce and tomatoes in the kitchen refrigerator. The chicken was was moved below and separate from the lettuce and tomatoes. Vitamins and medication stored on shelving above the food preparation counter and on the bar. All vitamins and medication were removed from the kitchen and bar.

Tony’s Pizzeria, 3899 Oneida St., Washington Mills: public health hazard found: One chicken wing pizza on counter at 92F for 20 minutes. Pizza moved to cooler. Corrected.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, 4755 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: Violation: floor under equipment and coolers is dirty with grease and food debris. Wall next to prep line and walk-in cooler dirty and disrepair. Reinspection not required.

Twin Ponds Golf and Country Club, 169 Main St., New York Mills: Public health hazard and one other violation: Small tray of approximately 2 pounds cooked spaghetti on counter at 70F for 1 hour. Spaghetti moved to cooler. Corrected. Reinspection not required.

The Italian Chef, 39 Genesee St., New Hartford: Three public health hazards and two other violations: Can of Raid stored on bottom shelf in kitchen storages area. Raid voluntarily discarded. Corrected. A pizza with ricotta cheese on counter at 67 F for 1 hour, not following pizza waiver. Food worker properly implemented pizza waiver. Corrected.Top portion of sandwich prep cooler at 47-50F for 30 minutes. Sliced cheese at 47F, Sliced tomatoes at 47F, sliced salami at 50F. All foods moved to different cooler. Corrected. Cooler missing thermometer. Floor is dirty & in disrepair under fryers. Reinspection required.

Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 3955 Edgebrook Place, Washington Mills: Thermometer missing in prep cooler in kitchen. Reinspection not required.

Top of the Morning Cafe, 414 Trenton Ave., Utica: Dessert cooler at 49-50F for an unknown period of time. A banana cream pie found at 49F for 2 days and 3 slices of carrot cake at 50F for 2 days. Foods voluntarily discarded. Corrected. Reinspection not required.

Charlies Pizza, 350 Leland Ave., Utica: Wire metal rack in walk-in cooler, next to freezer door, is dirty with grease. Floor in kitchen is dirty under prep tables, around dough mixer, and under sink.

OS Bar and Grill, 600 Culver Ave., Utica: One container gravy on counter next to stove at 68F for one hour. Gravy moved to cooler. Corrected.

Barajo Restaurant, 672 Bleecker St., Utica: Beef empanadas in warmer at 125F for 15 min. Reheated to 165F. Corrected. Raw ground beef & raw chicken thawing in container on floor. Reinspection not required.

Four Eleven Tower, 411 Tower St., Waterville: One large tray of cooked meatballs in hot holding traveling box at 91F for 1 hour. Meatballs reheated to 165F.

Corrected. Bottom of tall glass door cooler next to back door is dirty with spilled food debris. Floor is dirty next to dishwasher.

Michael’s Fine Food and Spirits, 7672 Route 20, Waterville: Precooked sliced ham in top of prep cooler at 50F for 3 hours. Ham voluntarily discarded. Corrected. Reinspection not required.

Uno Pizzeria and Grill: 8645 Clinton St., New Hartford: Food (sliced tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and blue cheese) in top of salad prep cooler at 49F for 3 hours. Foods voluntarily discarded. Corrected. Reinspection not required.

Seymour’s Diner and Grill, 4836 Route 233, Westmoreland: Handwashing sink in kitchen is inoperable & missing paper towels. Reinspection not required.

Winner’s Circle Pizzeria, 5378 Route 5, Vernon: Pizza cutter was being stored in a plastic 1/6th pan, filled with stationary water near the pizza cutting station. Reinspection not required.

Sabor Latino Restaurant, 322 James St., Utica: Raw beef is stored above lettuce and other ready to eat produce in the kitchen refrigerator. Corrected: The beef was moved to the bottom shelf, below and separate from ready to eat foods. Food debris and grime on the shelving of the kitchen cooler and refrigerator in the back room. Mouse droppings and roaches were observed in the kitchen. Grease, grime and food particles were observed on the kitchen floor below all equipment, shelving and the sink. Reinspection is required.

Tony’s Pizzeria Whitesboro, 195 Oriskany Blvd.: Take-out containers are stored on a shelf that is grimy and has food debris on it. Grime and food debris on the shelving holding sauces, located next to the fryers. Grime, food debris and a sticky substance on the floor below the wire racking in the walk-in cooler.

Boonville Lanes, 200 Post St., Boonville: The shelving holding cups, containers and straws, located in the back room, are bare wood. The surface is porous and not cleanable. Reinspection not required.

Freddy’s Diner, 101 Ford St., Boonville: Grease and grime on the shelves holding equipment, located next to the back door of the kitchen.

Adirondack Central High School, 8181 Route 294, Boonville: Rodent droppings and a chewed bag of sugar were observed in the dry goods storage area. Reinspection not required.

Boonville Elementary School, 110 Ford St: Milk cooler and kitchen refrigerator are both missing a thermometer. The temperature of cheese in the unit was 42F and the milk cooler was 43F. Reinspection not required.

Forestport Elementary School, 10275 Route 28: A tray of meatballs was on the counter was found to be 80F, and a tray of pasta with meat sauce on the counter was found to be 90F. Both trays of food were out of temperature for under two hours as per interview with the food service worker. Corrected: Both trays of food were reheated to 165F and held hot, above 140F.

Spressos Coffee, Cookies, and Cakes, 160 Brooks Road, Rome: One tray of chicken breasts found stored on cooling rack in kitchen had a temp of 65 degrees and was out of oven for about one hour. Corrected- chicken moved to cooler. Reinspection not required.

El Jarocho Mexican Restaurant and Bar, 1305 Floyd Ave., Rome: Raw eggs found stored over juice in glass door cooler. Corrected- eggs moved to bottom shelf. Container used to store taco shells is to small. Taco shells found stacked almost a foot higher than top of container. Power cord found stored in bin with onions. Corrected- power cord removed, onions discarded. Top of ice machine found in disrepair, held together with duct tape. Inside of microwave needs to be cleaned.

Utensils found stored in food product, in food prep cooler, need to be cleaned. Corrected. Water observed leaking from ceiling in kitchen. Reinspection is required.

Country Kitchen Restaurant, 6788 Martin St., Rome: Thermometer missing inside cooler beside ice machine. Racks in walk in freezer grimy, need cleaning. Floor in kitchen area has cracks and patches, floor is greasy in front of fryers, floor under fryer needs cleaning. Light fixture coming away from ceiling above dry goods storage area. Reinspection not required.

Cianfrocco’s Subs and Wings, 235 E. Dominick St., Rome: Floor in food prep area has numerous broken or cracked tiles. Reinspection not required.

No violations:

Roso’s Cafe Express II, 800  Park Ave., Utica

Lenox Cafe, 1402 Lenox Ave., Utica

Jimmy John’s, 167 Genesee St., Utica

Elliott Hughes Elementary School, 340 Higby Road, New Hartford

Masonic Child Care Center, 2150 Bleecker St., Utica

N.D. Peters Head Start, 1600 Armory Drive, Utica

Bridges, 309 Genesee St., Utica

Capitol Theatre, 220 W. Dominick St., Rome

Nellenbachs Hof-Brau, 10435 Route 26, Ava

Stokes Elementary School, 9005 Turin Road, Rome

John Joy Elementary School, 8194 Bielby Road, Rome

John F. Kennedy Civic Arena, 500 W. Embargo St., Rome

Subway at Rome Wal-Mart, 5815 Rome-Taberg Road, Rome

Nicky Doodles, 1159 W. Erie Blvd., Rome

Junior Junction 3, 1714 Burrstone Road, New Hartford

Holy Cross Academy, 4020 Barrington Road, Oneida

Durhamville Elementary School, 5462 Main St., Durhamville

First Nursery School of Utica, 1605 Genesee St., Utica

Ney Ave Head St., 1110 Ney Ave., Utica

Parkway Middle School, 65 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro

Whitesboro Middle School, 75 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro

Half Pint Academy, 7829 Route 5, Clinton

American Legion Post 406, 124 E. Schuyler St., Boonville

Ridge Mills Elementary School, 7841 Ridge Mills Road, Rome

The Back Nine Restaurant, 8725 Turin Road, Rome

The Back Nine at the Yacht Club, 6487 Karlen Road, Rome

DeMatteo’s Restaurant, 705 E. Dominick St., Rome

Rome Subway, 204 E. Thomas St., Rome

Maggies Cafe, 319 N. James St., Rome

Motus, 234 Genesee St., Utica

Boonville Youth Athletic Association 220 Line Drive, Boonville

The Sanctuary, 728 Court St., Utica

Polish Community Club, 810 Columbia St., Utica

Kowalik’s Hotel, 4195 Route 28, Otter Lake

Holland Patent Elementary School, 7940 Elm St., Holland Patent

Holland Patent Middle School, 9601 Main St., Holland Patent

Tree House School Age Program, 8595 Westmoreland Road, Whitesboro

River Road HEad Start, 9882 River Road, Utica

Holland Patent Central HIgh School, 8079 Thompson Road, Holland Patent

McAllister School, 217 Kinsley St., Sherrill

Waterville Bowling Center, 432 White St., Waterville

Ramblin Inn Club, 415 N. James St., Rome

Stockyard Inn, 215 S. James St., Rome

Rhine Haus II, 513 W. Dominick St., Rome

IHOP, 535 French Road, New Hartford

Black Cat Bar and Grill 470 French Road, Utica

One Genny, 1 Genesee St., New Hartford

Casa Too Mucha, 13 Genesee St., New Hartford

Alee’s, 247 Elizabeth St., Utica

Tony’s Pizzeria and Deli, 7295 W. Main St., Westmoreland

Bundy Dining Hall, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton

Grande’s Pizzeria of Westmoreland, 5211 Route 233, Westmoreland

Marble Hill Inn, 4482 Marble Hill Road, Oneida

Noyes Park Concessions, 00 E. Hamilton Ave., Sherrill

Rotary Shack, 100 Kinsley St., Sherrill

Thurber Park, 100 Parker St., Sherrill

Moench Park, 101 Kinsley St., Sherrill

Sherrill Community Activity Center, 139 E. Hamilton Ave., Sherrill

Madison-Oneida BOCES, 4937 Spring Road, Verona

Memorial Park Elementary School, East Bacon Street, Waterville

Waterville Jr.-Sr. High School, 381 Madison St., Waterville

Madison-Oneida BOCES Alternative Cafeteria, 4937 Spring Road, Verona

Europa Food Restaurant, 705-707 Albany St., Utica

Parkway Pizza, 150 Culver Ave., Utica

Sunset Wood Apartments, 118 Genesee St., New Hartford

Green N Wave, 8555 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Grapevine, 44a New Hartford Shopping Center, New Hartford

New Rutger Bar, Disco and Grill, 1600 Rutger St., Utica

Trattoria Calabria, 706 Culver Ave., Utica

The Willows of Utica, 900 Culver Ave.

Zeina’s Cafe, 607 Varick St., Utica

Westmoreland Elementary School, 5176 Route 233

Westmoreland High School, 5176 Route 233

Westmoreland Middle School, 5176 Route 233

Giovanni’s Pizzeria, 1 E. Park Row, Clinton

Willowvale Diner, 3410 Oneida St., Chadwicks

Grande’s Pizzeria of Sauquoit, 9527 Pinnacle Road

Sauquoit Elementary School, Sulphur Springs Road

Sauquoit Middle School, Sulphur Springs Road

Sauquoit High School, 2601 Oneida St.

J.D. George Elementary, Main St., Verona

Wettel Elementary School, 4329 Peterboro St., Vernon

Packy’s Pub, 9281 Kellogg Road, Washington Mills

Debbie’s Cafe, 3963 Oneida St., New Hartford

Club Monarch, 6 Erie St., Yorkville

Roselawn Restaurant, 446 Main St., New York Mills

69 Steakhouse, 409 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro

R.J. Ventura’s Inc, 787 Lansing St., Utica

Daniele Imports, 1556 Mohawk St., Utica

Joan’s Diner, 3480 Oneida St., Chadwicks

One Genny, 1 Genesee St., New Hartford

Brookside Senior Living Community, 99 Brookside Drive, Clinton

VFW Post 9591, 48 Franklin St., Clinton

American Legion Post 92, 8083 State Route 20, Waterville


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