Oneida County food service inspections


Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are Health Department ratings after inspections in August:

Critical violations:

Nail Creek Pub & Brewery, 720 Varick St., Utica: Large plastic container of raw chicken stored over lettuce & macaroni salad in 3 door glass cooler just inside the door of the kitchen. No contamination observed. Raw chicken moved to bottom shelf. Corrected. Other non-critical violation: Inside bottom shelf of prep cooler across from grill area is wet from a leaking compressor.

Core Life Eatery, 4517 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: One small (approximately 1/2 qt.) container, of raw tuna marinade on counter in food prep area at 57F for 20 minutes, according to manager. Marinade moved to walk-in cooler and temperature reduced to 45F or less. Corrected. Other non-critical violation: Green coated wire metal wire rack on wall is dirty with grease and grime (bottled drinks stored on rack). Large metal rack on floor is dirty with grease and grime.

King’s Buffet, 1142 Erie Blvd., Rome: Large pan of approximately 10 pounds of baked chicken in hot holding buffet unit at 116F for 30 min, according to manager. Baked chicken voluntarily discarded. Corrected.

Rome Polish Home, 415 S. George St.: Approximately 10 pounds of raw fish (haddock) in a container on (melted) ice on the counter at 50F. The fish had been there for 1 hour according to food worker. Raw fish placed on fresh ice, and temperature lowered to 45F or below. Corrected. Cooked vegetable medley (broccoli, etc.) on counter at 103F for 30 minutes, according to food worker. Cooked vegetables reheated to 165F and kept above 140F. Corrected. Non-critical violations: Wire metal racks in Stakold 3 door cooler just inside the food prep area are rusty & dirty with food debris. Liquor bottles inside of bar cooler behind bar are covered with mold and mildew.

Condenser in beer cooler is dirty with mold and mildew. Two bay sink to the right side of the kitchen is dirty with mold. Floor is very dirty with grease and food debris in kitchen area. Floor in bar area is dirty and missing tiles. Ceiling over 2 bay sink is missing tiles and has insulation and spider webs hanging over clean coffee pots. Ceiling tile over ice machine is moldy and dirty. Ceiling over bar walk in cooler dirty with mold and mildew. Light fixture over food prep table next to dishwasher is not properly shielded.

Celtic Harp, 805 Varick St., Utica: Tall two door cooler in far corner is not properly maintained to store all potentially hazardous foods below 45F. It measures between 48-58F. All potentially hazardous foods voluntarily discarded. Corrected.

Ocean Blue, 520 Seneca St., Utica: Grill prep cooler #2 in kitchen prep area at 56F for 1 hour. Sliced tomatoes at 56F for 1 hour, raw tuna burgers at 56F for 1 hour, and cooked lobster at 55F for 1 hour, according to manager. All foods placed in ice baths and their temperatures reduced to 45F or below. Corrected.

Sadaquada Golf Club, 4983 Henderson St., Whitesboro: Approximately 1 quart of cold shrimp salad in metal bowl on counter at 68F for 15 minutes, according to chef. Shrimp salad moved to cooler. Corrected.

Franco’s Pizzeria, 34 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro: Meat and vegetable pizza on the front counter was found to be 95F. The pizza was on the counter for under an hour as per interview with the manager. CORRECTED: Pizzas were reheated to 165F and held hot until served. Non-critical violations: Shelving in the walk-in cooler is grimy. Grease and grime on the floor under the grill and fryers. Grease is covering the vent hoods.

Palermo Pizzeria, 1305 Genesee St., Utica: Meat pizzas in the warming unit were found to be 115F. The pizzas were in the warming unit for one hour as per interview with the manager. CORRECTED: A waiver from regulations for hot holding pizzas was submitted and approved. All pizza will be discarded four hours from the time they are removed from hot holding.

Spressos Coffee, Cookies and Cakes, 160 Brooks Road, Rome: Raw eggs found stored over ready to serve foods in double glass door kitchen cooler. Corrected- eggs moved to bottom shelf.

Village Verona Bistro, 4914 Route 365, Verona: Cubed jack cheese and cheddar cheese found stacked to high in prep cooler with a temp of 51 degrees. Corrected - cheese moved to bottom of unit. Non-critical violations: Bread rolls found stored on top of tools in food prep sink. Corrected - bread rolls removed from sink and placed of food shelf. Two cooks found with no hair restraints while preparing food in kitchen. Screen on kitchen door does not close tight to door frame.

Wendy’s, 315 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville: Chicken nuggets that were being stored in the hot holding area, under the heat lamps had a temperature of 118 degrees F. Per interview with staff, the nuggets were in holding for 15 - 20 minutes. Corrected by reheating to 165 degrees F and held at 140 degrees.

Franco’s Pizza, 411 Trenton Ave., Utica: Food thermometer not easily assessable to take food temperatures - corrected, found two probe thermometers. Non-critical violations: Cases and tubs of chicken wings being stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler - corrected. Both bathroom doors, are not self-closing.

Roso’s Cafe Express, 207 Genesee St., Utica: Did not have a probe thermometer to take temperatures of hot sandwiches in hot holding unit. They will purchase a thermometer immediately to ensure temperatures are monitored.

Non-critical violations

Charlie’s Pizza, 56 Kellogg Road, New Hartford: Wiping cloths dirty, not stored properly in sanitizing solution. Corrected. Green coated wire racking in walk-in cooler is dirty with grease and grime. Outside of dough mixer is dirty with caked on flour. Floor under racking in walk-in cooler is dirty with food debris.

Tony’s Pizzeria, 3899 Oneida St., Washington Mills: Cloth covers over pizza dough are dirty with grease and food debris. Bucket of breadcrumbs uncovered. Dirty wiping cloths not properly stored in sanitizing solution. Pizza dough racks are dirty with grease and food debris.

Red Lobster, 4573 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: Gasket on 2 door tall Victory cooler at end of cook line is broken & not sealing properly.

China House Oneida, 3913 Oneida St., Washington Mills: Wall next to dry storage has peeling paint. Ceiling in dry storage area has cob webs.

Rio Grande Tex Mex Grill, 3913 Oneida St., New Hartford: Inside and outside of lemonade drink machine dirty with food residue. Inside and outside of frozen margarita machine dirty with food residue. Small cooler used for single service storage on floor underneath margarita machine is dirty inside & out with grease & food residue. Chest freezer used for single service storage in back corner of food prep area is dirty with grease & food residue. Floor is dirty underneath equipment with grease & food residue. Floor in walk-in cooler is dirty with food debris. Stainless wall in food prep area is dirty with food debris & grease.

Village Pizza, 39 Genesee St., New Hartford: No hot water available in customer restroom. Leak found on water line that feeds the 3 bay sink in kitchen, causing water to pool on kitchen floor.

Hop Hing 2001 Genesee St., Utica: Shelves in walk-in cooler need to be cleaned. Shelf under rice cooker near walk-in cooler door needs to be cleaned. The guards covering the fans for the walki-n cooler condenser need to be cleaned. Front doors found open, during inspection, with no screen door. Kitchen floor needs to be cleaned, along walls and under equipment. Floor of walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned.

Raspberrie’s Cafe of Rome, 1700 N. James St.: Cook found with no hair restraint while preparing food. Area under flat top grill needs to be cleaned.

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 350 Higby Road, New Hartford: Two ice cream scoops being stored in a bowl of water sitting on table top. Water is dirty and stagnant.

Luigi’s Italian Cuisine, 421 North James St., Rome: Hand wash sink at front counter, near pizza ovens, found with no water pressure and has no drain connection. Screen doors at both front entrances found improperly installed. Large gaps found at top and bottom of doors.

The Savoy, 255 E. Dominick St., Rome: Wiping cloths in kitchen found dirty. Corrected- wiping cloths discarded.

McDonald’s, 1700 Genesee St., Utica: Items per waiver were mislabeled - corrected. Fruit flies were present near the coffee stations, juice dispenser, and ice cream machine behind serving counter. Per interview with manager, pest control was at this McDonalds on Tuesday (2 days ago). They will have to contact pest control to follow up with the remaining flies.

Starbucks Coffee, 4759 Commercial Drive, Suite 900, New Hartford: Some of the refrigerators were missing thermometers – will correct. Main Handwashing station and drive thru handwashing station did not have paper towels - Corrected. The main handwashing station was also blocked by the door making it not easily assessable - corrected. Back door was propped open without having a screen door - corrected.

Brake from the Grind, 900 Sunny Point Road, Hamilton: There were no paper towels at the hand wash station

Country Peddlers Deli-licious, 7347 Chappel Road, Hamilton: Sanitizing bucket not set up for service. Hand washing station could not be used due to it being filled with misc. items - corrected

Snoop Dogs, 443 French Road, Utica: Handwash sink was found with no water, soap or towels at time of inspection.

No violations

Red Carpet Inn, 799 Lower Lawrence St., Rome

Hamilton College Bristol Center, 198 College Hill Rd, Clinton

Little Pub, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton

Cafe Opus, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton

Hamilton College Bookstore, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton

Celtic Harp Restaurant, 805 Varick St., Utica

Ocean Blue Restaurant, 520 Seneca St., Utica

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 4815 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Denny’s, 8548 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Stathis Greek Gyros, 1900 Genesee St., Utica

Phoenician Restaurant, 623 French Road, Utica

Ty’s Kitchen, 1012 Columbia St., Utica

Killabrew Saloon, 10 Clinton Road, New Hartford

Recovery Sports Bar & Grill, 5270 Willow Place, Verona

Moe’s Southwest Grill, 4636 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Marble Hill Inn, 448 Marble Hill Road, Oneida

Packy’s Pub, 9281 Kellogg Road, Washington Mills

Sammy’s Cafe, 34 Genesee St., New Hartford

Butternut Farms Cafe, 7871 Rome-Westernville Road, Rome

Camden Elementary School, 1 Oswego St.

Breezes Banquet and Event Center, 215 Leland Ave., Utica

Creekside Cafe, 3888 Oneida St., New Hartford

Debbie’s Cafe, 3963 Oneida St., New Hartford

Parkway Pizza, 1250 Culver Ave., Utica

Villa Verona Bistro, 4914 Route 365, Verona

Palisades Hotel, 1921 N. James St., Rome

Sunny and Son, 530 Albany St., Utica

Irish Cultural Center, 623 Columbia St., Utica

Carbone’s Beachside Mobile, 1201 Main St., Sylvan Beach

The Spaghetti Factory, 6800 Route 13, Verona Beach

Carbone’s Beachside, 1208 Main St., Sylvan Beach

Carbone’s Beachside Banquet, 1201 Main St., Sylvan Beach

Little Roma Pizza, 485 French Road, Utica

Irwin’s Fine Food, 240 Genesee St., Utica

Yahnundasis Golf Club, 8639 Golf Club, New Hartford

Bella Pizza, 9261 Point Rock Road, Taberg

Four Eleven Tower, 411 Tower St., Waterville

Rosato’s Pizzeria and Baker, 1024 Champlin Ave., Utica

Applebee’s, 300 Riverside Drive, Utica

Gerber’s 1933 Tavern, 16 Liberty St., Utica

Simmer Jamaican Restaurant, 606 South St., Utica

Mohawk Glen Golf Club, 880 Perimeter Road, Rome

China House Restaurant, 503 N. James St, Rome

Moe’s Southwest Grill, 1877 Black River Blvd, Rome

Robert Myles Elementary School, 100 Clinton Road, New Hartford

Albany Street School, 1151 Albany St., Utica

Roso’s Cafe Express II, 800 Park Ave., Utica

Jones School, 2630 Remington Road, Utica

Notre Dame Elementary School, 11 Barton Ave., Utica

Ft. Ricky Discovery Zoo, 5135 Rome New London Road, Rome

Jefferson School, 190 Booth St., Utica

Kernan School, 929 York St., Utica

Christopher Columbus School, Armory Drive, Utica

Watson-Williams School, 7 Elmwood Place, Utica

VFW Verona Post 6811, 4928 Spring St., Verona

Madison-Oneida BOCES Cafeteria, 4937 Spring Road, Verona

Holy Cross Academy, 4020 Barrington Road, Oneida

Upstate Cerebral Palsy, 130 Brookley Road, Rome

Di Castro Brick Oven, 615 Erie Blvd., Rome

DiCastro’s Too, 738 Erie Blvd., Rome

Gansevoort Elementary School, 768 Liberty St., Rome

Franklin Hotel, 301 S. James St., Rome

Nicky Doodles, 1159 W. Erie Blvd, Rome

Mano A Bocca, 408 Rutger St., Utica

Acropolis, 621 James St., Utica

UCP Side Kitchen, 130 Brookley Road, Rome

UCP Main Kitchen, 130 Brookley Road, Rome

Boscov’s, 8555 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

A-1 Motel/Scottish Inn, 238 N. Genesee St., Utica

McDonald’s, 3918 Oneida St., Washington Mills

First Evolution Nutrition Club, 778 Rutger St., Utica

Riverside Diner, 9663 River Road, Marcy

River Road Head Start, 9882 River Road, Utica

Econolodge Food, 309 N. Genesee St., Utica

Wingstop, 4666 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Fort Schuyler Trading Co., 50 Auert Ave., Utica

Sanger Lodge 129 at Cruisin Into Waterville

It’s a Sticky Business, 7308 California Road, Deansboro

Not Your Mama’s Kitchen, 9784 Keith Road, West Edmeston

Rotary Club of Waterville at Cruisin Into Waterville

Shaw’s Maple Products, 7945 Maxwell Road, Clinton

Gyros Express, 4 Twyndom Terrace, New Hartford

Gypsy Girl Wood Fired Pizza, 120 E. Campbell 2 Ave., Sherrill

Maxwells Chocolates at Cruisin Into Waterville

Waterville Historical Society
Stanley Theater Kitchen at the
Remsen Performing and Visual Arts Center at Remsen Barn Fest

Remsen Vol. Fire Dept. Breakfast Buffet at Remsen Barn Fest

Horn’s Family Farm Store at Remsen Barn Fest

Silver Street Rd. Kettlecorn Co. at Remsen Barn Fest

Hiffa’s at Remsen Barn Fest

Muddy Mary’s Gourmet at Remsen Barn Fest

Tug Hill Artisan Roasters at Remsen Barn Fest

The Good News Foundation, 10475 Cosby Manor Road, Utica

Taco Bell, 136 N. Genesee St., Utica

McDonald’s, 350 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville

Holland Patent Lions Club at Remsen Barn Fest

Adirondack Foothills Rotary at Remsen Barn Fest

Sweet Sarahndipity at Remsen Barn Fest

Remsen Central School Class of 2020 at Remsen Barn Fest

R&T Enterprises, 7955 Turin Road, Rome

The Cub House at Remsen Barn Fest

Mr. Whippy’s Kool Treats, PO Box 623, Rome

Charlie’s Pizza Mobile, 350 Leland Ave., Utica

Above and Beyond Gourmet at Remsen Barn Fest

Willy Swamper’s at Remsen Barn Fest

Gramma’s Butterflyed Potatoes at Remsen Barn Fest

Macarollin Food Truck at Remsen Barn Fest

The Wine Slushie Guy at
Remsen Barn Fest


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