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Oneida County food service inspections

Posted 8/24/19

The Oneida County Health Department has released the results of its food service/restaurant inspections conducted in July. County and state Health Department inspectors conduct periodic, unannounced …

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Oneida County food service inspections


The Oneida County Health Department has released the results of its food service/restaurant inspections conducted in July. County and state Health Department inspectors conduct periodic, unannounced checks of restaurants and other food service establishments to determine if they comply with state codes, rules and health regulations.

Here is a listing of the inspection results:

Critical violations:

Nicky Doodles New Hartford, 54 New Hartford Shopping Center: Meat sauce in hot hold unit had a temperature of 129 degrees F; per interview with owner, the sauce had a temperature of 140 degrees F 30-45 minutes prior. Corrected: The meat sauce was reheated to above 165 degrees F and held at 140 degrees F.

Food Consulting at The Hartford Insurance, 301 Woods Park Drive, Clinton: Spray bottle being stored under the handwashing sink in the front serving area was not labeled.

Per interview with staff, the bottle contained degreaser. Corrected by labeling the contents during the inspection.

The Chef & the Sea at Boilermaker Expo, Utica: An accurate probe thermometer was not available or used. Other violations: Operating without a valid permit.

Eat Out Lao’d, 1517 York St., Utica: Fried rice between 70 and 75 degrees, raw chicken 50F, and lo mein found to be 60F in stand up refrigerator, temperature in fridge was 70F.

The rice and the lo mein were cooling after being cooked two hours prior. Moved the rice, noodles and chicken into the prep cooler that was 40F.

PiNZ Sangertown, 8555 Seneca Turnkpike, New Hartford: An unlabeled spray bottle of a solution was found on the table in the kitchen prep area. Per interview with manager, the solution was sanitizer and the bottle was broken. Corrected - the sanitizer and bottle was voluntarily discarded.

Meldino’s, 612 Mohawk St., Utica: Stuffed peppers in a pot on the stove found at 47F, thawing. Corrected, moved into fridge.

St. Mary Mt. Carmel/Blessed Sacrament Church, Utica: Cooked sausage held at 120 F. Holding unit not functioning properly. Corrected immediately by reheating sausage on stove and taking faulty holding unit out of service.

McGills, 2108 Route 5, Utica: Chicken tenders on top of the prep cooler found at 95F for less than 20 minutes. Corrected moved into the cooler.

Sauquoit Knolls Golf Club, 9807 Fairway Lane, Sauquoit: Inspector Findings: 0.0 ppm free chlorine residual was observed at the time of inspection. Boil water order issued. Must drain ice machine and use bagged ice boiled/bottled water for use or service.

Coleman French Fry at Boonville Fair: Chicken tenders had a temperature of 130 degrees F for less than a half an hour under the heat lamp. Corrected by reheating chicken tenders in fryer to 165 degrees F and holding at 140 degrees.

Food thermometer was not easily accessible. Corrected by finding the thermometer.

Acapulco Mexican Grill at Boonville Fair: Two large cuts of cooked steak were in the hot holding unit found at 112F for less than 30 minutes. Corrected by reheating both pieces to 174F.

The Sanctuary, 728 Court St., Utica: Raw eggs found stored above ready-to-serve foods in 2 door stainless cooler. Corrected - eggs moved to bottom shelf of cooler. Other violation: Top unit of prep cooler, across from cook line, needs to be cleaned.

Camp Turk Masonic Youth Camp, 6461 Round Lake Road, Woodgate: Raw packaged hamburger was noted stored above sauerkraut containers. Corrected by placing the raw hamburger on lower shelving unit. below food items that could be served that are ready to eat.

Other violations: A bowl of salad and salad dressing was noted, during lunch period, placed on buffet line and not being properly protected from contamination by diners, by a barrier or other similar mean.

The item was corrected by moving the salad and dressing to a location behind the sneeze guard and was then served by food service staff from behind the serving line.

Utensils are stored with food contact surfaces in wrong direction in dining area service line. Corrected by leaving utensil handles in the upside position.

The wash rise temperature gauge on dishwasher is not functioning and needs to be replaced. Cleaning wipes not stored in sanitizing solution when not in use.

Staff were instructed to keep wipes stored in sanitizer solutions and to measure solution strength using test strip kits. The slicer was noted with food build-up on surface of blade.

Staff were instructed to rewash rinse and sanitize the slicer blade and its food contact surfaces. Non-food contact surfaces of Alto Sham, and dishwasher area shelf have food and debris which needs to be cleaned.

Foot valve on handwashing sink appears to be leaking as water is noted directly below the valves. Hand drying towels are not present at handwashing sinks. Hand washing soap is not present at the center foot valve operated sink.. Corrected by providing soap and paper towels at handwash sinks.

Mouse droppings noted in dry good storage areas adjacent to the heating units. Delivery service area overhead door was noted left open when no deliveries were ongoing. or need for this door to be left open without adequate screening to prevent rodent or insect access.

Mouse droppings noted in the storage room. he roof is leaking in receiving area near shelving unit.

Paint is peeling in the rear storage room. A small hole is noted in concrete floor of rear of walk in cooler and needs to be sealed so as to prevent rodent access. Food service equipment, supplies and personal items noted stored in kitchen areas.

Village Diner, 8210 Route 12, Barneveld: A container of uncooked bacon located next to the stove was found to be 69F. The bacon was on the counter for less than two hours, as per interview with the kitchen staff. Corrected: The container of bacon was moved to the cooler.

Adirondack Lanes, 8125 Route 12, Barneveld: A bag of lettuce is stored on the side, and below open cartons of eggs in the kitchen refrigerator. Corrected: The bag of lettuce was moved to a higher shelf. Two boxes of raw haddock on the top shelf of the walk-in cooler, are stored above cases of beer and soda. Corrected: The boxes of haddock were moved to a bottom shelf. Diced tomatoes in a container on the cutting board, next to the stove in the kitchen, were found to be 70F. The tomatoes were on the cutting board for thirty minutes, as per interview with the kitchen staff. Corrected: The tomatoes were moved to the refrigerator.

Other violations: A bag of onions, container of pickles, boxes of haddock, cases of beer and Red Bull, are stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler. Clean dishes are stored on a shelf below the stove that has grease and grime on it. Take out containers are stored on a shelf that is covered with food debris. Grime and grease on the shelving holding plates and bowls, below the stove. Food debris on the shelf holding take out containers, located below the toaster.

Kamp Kiwanis, 9020 Kiwanis Road, Taberg: Chicken, rice, and mixed vegetables in the warming oven were found to be 102 F, 102 F, and 89 F. The food had been in the warming box for under two hours as per interview with the kitchen manager. Corrected: All food was reheated to 165F or above and returned to the warming box. The temperature of the unit was increased.

Camp Nazareth, 112 Long Lake Road, Woodgate: A can of Raid flying insect pesticide was found stored in the dry goods storage area of the kitchen. Corrected: The can was removed from the kitchen. Other violations: A large bowl of salad was stored directly below the compressor in the walk-in cooler. Water from the compressor was dripping into the salad. Corrected: The salad was discarded in the garbage. A large tray of cold cuts was stored directly under the compressor of the second walk-in cooler. Water from the compressor was dripping into the tray of meat. Corrected: The tray of cold cuts was discarded in the garbage. Rodent droppings were observed in the dry goods storage room. Raid flying insect pesticide is stored in the kitchen.

Non-critical violations:

O’Donnell’s Pub and Grill, 715 Varick St., Utica: Prep cooler does not have a thermometer on the inside of the unit. Wiping cloths were not stored in sanitizing solution - corrected.

Hampton Inn, 172-180 N. Genesee St., Utica: Cases of disposable cup lids were stored on the floor in the dry storage room - corrected.

Camp Nazareth, 112 Long Lake Road, Woodgate: Handles of walk in are rusted. Please remove old refrigerator that is not used and not operating.

Rockin Jump New Hartford, 4515 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: The wiping cloths were not being stored being in a sanitizing solution. Main handwashing station was out of paper towels. Sections of the floor in the kitchen prep area and floor behind service counter has pieces of linoleum missing.

The Pizza Box, 933 South St., Utica: A stack of crates containing sub rolls was being stored directly on the floor. Corrected.

Twin Ponds Snack Bar, 169 Main St., New York Mills: Hot dogs still frozen being thawed on top of cooler behind bar, corrected and moved into refrigerator.

Commons Dining Hall, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton: One small tray of beef was double stacked on top of a second tray that was only covered with wrap, which was not fully covered with wrap due to double stacking. Corrected at time of inspection. Turkey and deli meat on serving line is stacked a few inches above ice. Corrected by lowering turkey in tray below ice level.

Maddi’s Lemonade at Boonville Fair: Sanitizing strips not available for testing solution - corrected

Jerry’s Lunch at Boonville Fair: Sanitizing testing strips were not available to test the sanitizing solution

Squishy’s BBQ and Catering at Boonville Fair: Did not have sanitizing strips to test the sanitizer solution

Camp Abilities CABVI, 112 Long Lake Road, Woodgate: Tubing in walk in freezer has mold in the tubing, should be replaced.

Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, 6420 Pillmore Drive, Rome: Grime on the floor below the dish washing machine. Grease and grime on the floor below the fryers and stove.

Camp Kingsley, 5330 Tuffy Road, Ava: Grime on the bottom shelf of the three door refrigerator.

Bobby Wobbie’s Hot Dogs and Catering, 619 Floyd Ave., Rome: Sanitizing solution not available. Corrected by mixing a sanitizing bucket.

Barker Brook Golf Club, 6080 Rogers Road, Oriskany Falls: No paper towels in the kitchen area by three bay sink at time of inspected Corrected.


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