Oneida Common Council plans hearing on energy local law


ONEIDA — Oneida’s Common Council formally received and placed on file an amended local law regarding the city’s involvement in a sustainable energy loan program Tuesday evening.

The action will allow the city to hold a public hearing on the law during their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6. They will then be able to vote on the law at their following meeting Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Both meetings are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the council chambers, 109 N. Main St.

The council will receive and place on file a local law regarding the city’s participation in the Energize NY Benefit Financing Program.

“The city had previously adopted a local law that would allow them to participate in Energize NY, and New York State energy authorities had wanted each municipality involved in the program to have their laws be uniform across the state,” City Clerk Sue Pulverenti said.

Oneida’s participation in Energize NY allows it to offer Property Assessed Clean Energy financing for projects to companies that use clean energy practices in their business model.

Oneida is the 40th municipality in the state to offer PACE financing for clean energy projects.

PACE financing programs allow local governments to provide financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water efficiency projects that building owners pay back through property tax assessments.

Oneida joined Energize NY in October. “Oneida is open for business, and we are committed to helping our businesses stay in business by reducing our energy costs,” Oneida Mayor Leo N. Matzke said on the city’s website,

Make it happen

The non-profit Energy Improvement Corporation, a local development corporation, will act on behalf of the City of Oneida to loan funds to qualified property owners within city limits. Owners interested in having their properties improved may request an audit to determine their eligibility.

Renovations offered that may reduce energy consumption include window and door replacements, lighting, caulking, weather-stripping, air sealing, insulation, and heating and cooling system upgrades.

In order to be eligible, homeowners must be current in real property taxes for the past three year and are current in existing mortgage payments. EIC must also have the necessary funds to loan the homeowner.

Any changes must meet EIC cost-effective guidelines. The property owner must not be in bankruptcy, and the property must not be subject to any pending bankruptcy proceeding. Loan restitution will be made which won’t exceed the useful life of the improvements as determined by EIC.

Any property owner in the city may apply. Applications may be submitted at or 914-302-7300.


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