On liturgies and line drives


These longer days of spring has got me thinking about the warmer days (hopefully) ahead and for some of us that means attending, watching and playing baseball/softball games. Perhaps its not the most exciting sport these days with its general lazy pace and lack of action.

Having been a player in my youth at all the various levels of little league, Babe Ruth and high school reminds me of the good old days of youth and many fine memories spent at practice and at the games in those days. of the 1960s. I also enjoyed watching.the big leagues and waiting for our heros like Roger Maris or Mickey Mantle to come on stage at bat. Being from Syracuse and in those days the chiefs were part of the Detroit Tiger organization it was great to see a local player make it in to big time and the big leagues.

Whats the connection here with religion/spirituality you may be asking. I guess i would say that there is something about the ritual of the sport and how it is played that kind of reminds me of the ceremonies of the church especially the mass with its with its priests and deacons and other ministers who participate in it. Sports and baseball is no exception have their heros and superstars and in the church we celebrate the life of the saints and hold them up as people to honor and emulate.

I suspect that there may be some connection here between playing sports and worship. while there are huge differences between the two activities both are social events that help us to make sense of our lives with the communities to which we belong. So play ball, enjoy the game (and the weather) and may the best team win.


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