Off the Muck Market partners with Chicory Creek Farm


CANASTOTA — Continuing its efforts to bring fresh, local produce to Central New York and supporting farmers in the area, Off The Muck Market is pleased to be partnering with Chicory Creek Farm.

Located in Mount Vision, Chicory Creek Farm was established in May 2016 by Ean and Kate Rice-Mitchell. Both have unique backgrounds in managing produce and livestock and approach their practice with a focus on the natural processes of the local environment.

According to Kate Rice-Mitchell, the core question that they ask themselves is “what impact will this have down the road?” This helps them consider the natural productivity of their land and how they can replicate the systems already in place.

Based on this mindset, the relationship between Chicory Creek Farm and Off The Muck Market appears to have been an easy decision for the two organizations.

“We are very excited to work with Off The Muck as the company supports many small farms and businesses and shares similar values as us, namely to feed our local community delicious, healthy food,” said Rice-Mitchell.

“Despite being surrounded by beautiful farmland, many people in Central New York live in a food desert with few places to purchase fresh, local produce. Off The Muck is striving to increase access to local produce, and we are happy to be part of their mission.”

Off The Muck Market subscribers will have the option of adding purple daikon, purple carrots, rainbow carrots and parsnips to their boxes, all courtesy of Chicory Creek Farm.


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