October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month


October Is National Animal Safety and Protection Month.

This month, as well as every other month, is a time to recognize safety measures you should take to protect your pets and ensure they are healthy. Pets are part of our family and as pet parents it’s our responsibility to protect them and keep them safe.

A few things you can do to keep your pets safe are:

Pet proof your home. There are many possible hazards in our homes. Always keep things such as, toxic plants, insecticides, cleaning chemicals and antifreeze out of your pets reach. Be aware of small items that your pet could possibly choke on, electrical cords that they can get tangled in or chew on and blind cords should be tied up to avoid the risk of strangulation.

Lost pets. None of us think our pet will get out and get lost, but it happens. There are a couple of things to help insure their safe return. A collar with an ID tag, collars can sometimes come off so another way to identify them is with a microchip. If you keep your microchip registered and info up to date then the chances of you getting your pet back are excellent.

Check-ups. As much as your pet might dislike going to the vet, regular visits can keep them protected from diseases and up to date on their vaccines. It’s important to keep a close eye on your pets health, especially seniors and puppies and kittens.

Prepare for emergencies. If you live in an area that is effected by severe weather such as forest fires, hurricanes, heat waves, flooding and landslides, or ice storms, remember to not only prepare and make plans for yourself but also for your pets.

Do not leave your pets behind, if you can’t get back to get them make arrangements with a close friend or neighbor to help you by getting them to safety. If you are in areas that usually deals with these evens, be prepared in case you do have to evacuate or are stuck in your home for some time. Make emergency kits with essentials for yourself and your pets. 

Even if you aren’t a pet owner you can still help animals. Local animal shelters always appreciate donations of time and supplies. If you can’t adopt maybe you can offer your home as a temporary foster home while they are waiting to find their forever homes or just donate items the shelter can use to keep the animals safe and comfortable until they are adopted. Possibly make a monetary donation to the shelters medical fund to help with any medical treatments.

If you are looking for a new four legged family member, the Humane Society of Rome has any that are waiting for someone like you. Two of these loving animals are:

Lola is a 6-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier Mix. She’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. She gets along with dogs, cats and kids. She has a laid back personality but also enjoys playing, especially with the water hose. She would enjoy country living with lots of space to run and relax in the sun as she does not like to be crated or caged. She does need work on her leash manners but she will catch on quick. Come meet her and see how sweet she is.

Cohan is a handsome 7-year-old male cat. He needs to be an only cat as he loves attention from humans. He’s also very talkative and playful. He loves to carry his toys around in his mouth like a dog. He would love to find a family of his own that will love him for the rest of his life. Stop in and meet him today.


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