‘No frills budget’ passes in Lee


TOWN OF LEE — The Lee Town Board passed the town’s 2022 budget unanimously, cementing 40 years of no town tax levy for residents at a special meeting on Tuesday.

Among items in the $2,797,322 proposed budget for 2022 were renovated tennis courts at the town park and a walking trail.

The bathrooms at the town park will also see an overhaul, according to town officials. Supervisor John Urtz called it a “...no frills budget” at last month’s meeting.

The Lee Town Board held a public hearing on the town’s proposed spending plan before the special meeting to hear from residents. Only one person was in attendance for the meeting: Lee Planning Board President Edward Davis, who spoke as a resident of the town and not in his official capacity.

“I don’t think the town board gets the credit it deserves for working as a team, regardless of being a Democrat or a Republican,” Davis said. “Regardless, you get it done. The town of Lee has now hit a regional milestone with 40 years of now town tax levy on property owners.”

Davis said that even without a town tax levy, the Lee Town Board ensures the roads are maintained year-round, there’s an 87-acre town park for everyone to enjoy, town vehicles are maintained and upgraded, town vehicles are maintained, and more.

“It’s a shame more town residents don’t come forward with a ‘thank you’ for all of your dedicated planning and positive results,” Davis said. “From myself and my family, thank you.”

There was little discussion before the budget was voted on. “I’ve gotten to know this budget like I never thought I would,” Councilor James Jones said. “I’m happy with it.”

The 2022 budget was adopted with no further discussion.

The next town meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.


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