New life for the Remsen General Store


REMSEN — Since its closing in 2018, the Remsen General Store has sat empty and quiet, but on April 1 the store will reopen under new management — and the Garcia family is eager and excited to take the reigns and reopen a convenience store at the Main Street location.

“Our plan for the Remsen General Store is for Remsen residents to have convenience for essentials and a quick warm bite to eat without having to drive miles away,” Luis Garcia said. “It will be a convenience store with a kick. We will be serving quick hot food and fresh coffee.”

Garcia plans to provide the community with basic necessities and even some locally-sourced products.

“Our store will consist of most essentials including most pet supplies and some farm animal supplies,” he said. “We will be selling farm fresh eggs from our own chickens. Fresh fruit and vegetables will be available daily as well as homemade baked goods.”

They will host their first fun event, free egg coloring, on Easter Sunday from 2 – 3 p.m. Each child will receive a free egg to color and a goodie bag.

The Garcia family is striving to connect with local producers to create a firm base of local goods. “We are strong supporters of local businesses,” Garcia said.

“Currently, we are networking with local farms and will be selling some of their goods,” Garcia added

The store will open for business on April 1. Hours of operation will be 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. seven days a week.

The Garcia’s are no strangers to running a small business. “We used to run a successful restaurant, however, when the pandemic hit, we had to abruptly close and once we were given the green light to open, our clientele was not the same,” Garcia said. “We decided to go into a type of business that would thrive through what this world has faced in the past year and other similar situations.”

Garcia is originally from the Dominican Republic and came to America at 14. His story is the quintessential American dream, starting from nothing and rising to owning his own business.

“I was placed into public school not knowing an ounce of English,” he said. “I realized I wanted to better my education, so I earned my citizenship and went to college for business administration and computer science, while working full time. I also completed a course for medical billing and coding. Sometime later, I met my wife and started a family.”

“After having our first child, we realized we did not want to raise our kids in the city and set out for the suburbs,” he added. “We spent a few years residing in New England where we had our second and third children. During these years I worked as a medical biller but found it unfulfilling, so we decided we wanted to open our own business. We made this possible after relocating to the country, where we could also raise chickens and have land for our kids to play freely. We chose Central New York because my wife has extended family here. My mother-in-law and her siblings grew up in Holland Patent.”

The Garcia family is thriving here and hope that their next business endeavor will do the same.

“We have finally found our permanent home and are loving the country life and the people around us,” Garcia said. “My wife and I will run the business together and our three beautiful children are excited to be a part of it.”


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