MVHS receives $50M gift from Wynn Family Foundation


UTICA — The Mohawk Valley Health System received a gift of $50 million from the Wynn Family Foundation — the largest in MVHS’s history.

“We also believe it’s the biggest gift given in this part of New York state,” said Darlene Stromstad, FACHE, president and CEO of MVHS. “And this money will be used to invest in increasing the healthcare services available in this region. And this will benefit the people that live here for years and years to come.”

Stromstad stressed the importance of such a donation during a global pandemic when hospitals and hospital workers are stressed beyond belief.

“But I stand here with enormous optimism and a hope for the future for healthcare and all of Utica thanks to the generosity of the Wynn Family Foundation,” she said.

Stromstad added that going forward, the MVHS hospital in downtown Utica will be named the Wynn Hospital.

Steve Wynn grew up in Utica and has fond memories of the area, and felt the need to give back to his childhood home. The MVHS building is built across the street from where his father’s bingo parlor.

“Our family has deep roots in Utica,” said Steve Wynn. “I have everlasting and fond memories of my childhood in the community, which provided a strong foundation for the rest of my life. This is my way of thanking the community and recognizing my parents.”

Wynn said the Wynn family is excited to give back to Utica some of the “positive and wonderful energy and experience” they had when they lived in the area.

“This city is where I grew up, and I don’t think I could have had a better opportunity in any place in America than here,” Wynn said.

“At the same time, we are committed to advancing healthcare through philanthropy. MVHS has a bold plan for The Wynn Hospital – a plan that we believe in. We are proud to make this gift to advance the project even further and help ensure better health outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for the community.”

Wynn added that the hospital belongs to the Mohawk Valley and Utica citizens and that “...they can help make it everything it hopes to be.”

Wynn Hospital is expected to open its doors come fall 2023.


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