Murray still has it in quirky drama ‘On The Rocks’


Bill Murray is an American treasure, whether starring in his quirky little dramas or his classic screwball comedies. So it’s nice to see he’s still got it in the quirky drama “On The Rocks.”

Once upon a time, Murray wowed audiences with his impressive dramatic performance in “Lost in Translation”, one of his best movies. “On The Rocks” is his return to working with director Sofia Coppola, so I was excited to give it a chance. “On The Rocks” is not as great as their previous collaboration, but it’s still good.

Though, again, Bill Murray would be good in a Joe Tahan furniture commercial. “On The Rocks” is available for streaming on Apple TV.

Laura, played by Rashida Jones, who is no slouch herself, suspects her husband is cheating on her. When her rich, old, lothario of a father finds out, he launches a daddy/daughter spy mission to discover the truth.

If you let Bill Murray be Bill Murray on screen, you’re going to have a great movie. Some of the best scenes in “On The Rocks” are just Murray being Murray and having a blast. Fortunately, like all good movies, those scenes merely lay the foundation for the really important scenes to come. And I’m pleased to say that “On The Rocks” does not disappoint in that regard.

It’s a little slow to get going. The husband, played by Marlon Wayans, and the couple’s two young daughters don’t get much character depth. I would have liked to have seen their home life explored a bit more. They’re really just there to get the plot moving, which is all about Laura and her dad on their mission.

And, of course, since this is more of a drama than a comedy, their mission is just the beginning. That’s where the movie won me over in the end. This is a story about Laura and her father and how their relationship has shaped her life. And when you’ve got Rashida Jones and Bill Murray bantering back and forth, it makes for fun watching.

“On The Rocks” really comes together in the end. The big climax is fun, and the emotional punches at the end really nail what the moving is trying to say. It took me a little while to warm up to this movie, but it definitely won me over in the end.


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