Marriage licenses — Oct. 1, 2018


• Bradley J. Wood and Nicole A. Bushey, both of Rome.

• John K. P. Bajnoczy and Krystal L. Metott, both of Rome,

• Daniel W. Goodman and Denise R. Breen, both of Rome.

• Zachary T. Reader and Tisha L. Valade, both of Rome.

• Donald J. DeCondo and
Bettina R. Carman, both of

• Daniel E. J. Jones and Sarah N. Leonard, both of Blossvale.

• Brandon M. Donohue and Chelsea L. Berwick, both of Ava.

• Aaron M. Rogers and
Cassandra L. Nashton, both of Rome.

• Kevin R. Boyer Jr. and Carmella R. Rizzo, both of Rome.

• Jacob K. Mayden and Cassie L. Parker, both of Rome.

• Mark A. Capponi II and
Jesselyn P. Gran, both of Rome.

• Jared J. Bradbury of Utica and Krista L. Redinger of

• Steven J. Nolan and Taylor J. Krawiec, both of Rome.

• Joshua J. Slaga and Devin I. Synakowski, both of Rome.

• Bryan G. Brockway of Clinton and Ashley Y. Del Vecchio of Manassas, Va.

• Joshua G. Griffo and Katrina A. Narolis, both of Rome.

• Krystina L. Gotsch and
Shannon M. Fox, both of Milton, Vt.

• Amanda M. Wildrick and Casey L. Rawls, both of Rome.

• Jason T. Batt and Kaitlyn E. Wojdyla, both of Rome.

• Steven M. Fogelman and Laure M. Haines, both of Blossvale.

• Daniel K. Trainham and
Jennifer L. Gualtieri, both of Rome.

• Ryan D. Popovich and Megan K. Murphy, both of Rome.

• Nathaniel B. Borst of Homer and Amy L. Barnhart of Rome.

• Michael S. Gilbert and
Elizabeth J. Daniello, both of Rome.

•Jonathan D. Castro and
Toni M. Wishart, both of Rome.

• Scott A. Reynolds and Julie E. Depalma, both of Clinton.

• Michael J. M. Finley and
Victoria T. Ceravolo, both of Rome.

• Joshua D. Snyder of Vernon and Brandy L. Westcott of

• Ethan J. M. Cleaver of
Watertown and Madeline S. Maher of Boonville.

• David L. Brasie II and Karyn L. Lachut, both of Rome.

• Anthony V. Suppa and Karen I. McCloskey, both of Rome.

• Jordan A. DeLong and Rebecca L. Uetz, both of Rome.

• Richard M. Sigal Jr. and Kaci C. Powell, both of Blossvale.

• Francis R. Anderson and
Lisa M. Taverne-Klatt, both of Rome.

• Mitchell R. Blasi and Alanna E. Carmody, both of Rome.

• Roger W. Ketchum and Wendy J. Maddalena, both of Indian Land, S.C.

• Vincent S. Waterman and Kristen D. Stilwell, both of Blossvale.

• Jacob A. Pohl and Sarah M. Fleck, both of Lee Center.

• Paul T. Worlock and Laurie E. Dyer, both of Rome.

• John E. Glass and Kayla C. Carpenter, both of Marcy.

• Daniel L. Hale and Lindsey T. Striker, both of Lee Center.

• Albert J. Decker Jr. and Jean C. Geary, both of Rome.

• Mark S. Reynolds and
April M. Edwards, both of Whitesboro.

• Cody M. Spann and Dana Stevens, both of New York Mills.

• George J. Steck Jr. and Samantha M. Shaver, both of Rome.

• Jason K. Alamond and Stacy L. Wurz, both of Rome.

• Joshua A. Blanchard and Angela E. Ingram, both of

• Robert J. Collins of Verona and Kimberly Griffith of

• Nicholas J. Spina of Rome and Amanda M. Impink of

• Robert C. Perry II of Rome and Dani S. Ingalls of New

• Adam J. Tine and Brandy
I. Wright, both of Lee Center; and

• Kevin M. Sherman and Gina A. M. LaVine, both of Rome.


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