Marriage licenses — Aug. 7, 2019


Richard J. Presky II and Kayla A. Brockway, both of Rome.

Brayton P. Reed and Rachel L. Rodriguez, both of Rome.

Jeremy F. Finster and Stacey R. Trapp, both of Rome.

William E. Werenski and Sherry L. Aley, both of Rome.

Cirilo Molohua Colohua and Lisette Roman Bonilla, both of Rome.

Allen T. Weakley, of Knoxville, Tenn., and Michaela M. Walker, of West Leyden.

William R. Spink, of Ormond Beach, Fla., and Jacqueline M. Emma, of Marcy.

Vincent P. Gobrick III and Jennifer C. Stafford, both of Rome.

Shaun D. Anson and Michelle L. Stagner, both of Rome.

David L. Martini Sr. and Theresa A. Beverly, both of Rome.

Richard J. Hojnack and Leyla M. Jackson, both of Rome.

Nicholas J. Falcone and Mia G. Pasqualetti, both of Rome.

Gregory W.S. Ellinger and Tammy L. Schmalz, both of Rome.

Michael T. Reilley and Amanda M. Servadio, both of Rome.

Justin M. Dishman, of Rome, and Mackenzi A. VanSlyke, of Lee Center.

Scott W. Anthony and Tara L. LaLonde, both of State College, Pa.

Gabriel Tzanahua Meza and Arlene R. Rudgers, both of Rome.

Elisha Q. Brown and Airreona C. Jenkins, both of Rome.

Nicholas J. Facciolo IV and Jenna E. Brockway, both of Rome.

Colby C. Nasypany and Chloe L. Cardwell, both of Rome.

Randall L. Davis and Wendy L. Williams, both of Rome.

Richard L. Platt Jr. and Maeghen F. Rauscher, both of Rome.

Cory L. Kosuda and Kira A. Balch, both of Rome.

Mark J. Calandra and Lauren A. Boncella, both of the Town of Floyd.

Felix N. Morales and Melissa S. Davis, both of the Town of Lee.

Joshua E. Vanderhoof of Vernon, and Megan E. van Lieshout of Durhamville.

Charles W. Grover Jr. and Denise R. Lancette, both of Camden.

Ethan T. Avard and Jennifer L. Keil, both of Blossvale.

Ryan L. Borst and Nicole M. Foley, both of Westernville.

Thomas Obertster and Brittany R. Symonds, both of Rome.

Adam J. Stevens and Samantha T. Carinci, both of Rome.

Elisha J. Hedrington and Nicole E. Dunlap, both of Rome.

Lawrence Nash and Evarr C. Whack, both of Rome.

Babucarr Njie and Evie R. Omondi, both of Rome.

David R. Payne and Sandra J. Seward, both of Verona.

Richard C. Montalbano and Julianne M. Falatico, both of Rome.

Dominick M. Provenzano and Brooke J. Costello, both of Rome.

Michael A. Coffee and Jocelyn A. Hinman, both of New York, N.Y.

Robert E. Jones and Kami M. Marsh, both of Rome.

Trevor A. Drank and Angel M. Houghtaling, both of Rome.

Nicholas L. Rivera and Salina L. Tarantino, both of Rome.


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