Many succumb to blatant misinformation


Recent national surveys show that 70% of Republicans do not believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential vote, and others show that 59% of the voters in Rome are Republican. That implies that more than 4 out of 10 of my
neighbors do not believe Biden was lawfully elected.

It also implies 40% of Romans supported the sedition that occurred on January 6th when 138 Republican representatives and 7 Republican senators voted to decertify the
election results from Pennsylvania. This was part of a right-wing plan that
would have stripped Biden’s electoral count of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada,
Michigan, Georgia and Arizona, dropping his count below 270 and stopping his
certification as President-elect.

None of the votes were close, and after
the vote on Pennsylvania, none of the other objections received a senator’s
support to even justify a vote. But if those elections had been
decertified, it would have sent those states electoral votes back to their
Republican-controlled state legislatures which, in the seditionist’s hopes,
would have then substituted electors for Trump.

Not only is it hard to understand how any American would support let alone
condone such an action, but the vote was taken after the bloody
insurrectionist mob had stormed the Capitol earlier in the day — at the
urging of our former President.

In addition, in the four months since that
sedition and insurrection many Republicans have doubled down on promoting
the false claims that the election was stolen, and that there really wasn’t
an insurrection — it was just a bunch of patriotic Americans answering the
call of their president.

I realize people may hold different opinions, but I find it hard to believe that this many of my neighbors have succumbed to
this blatant misinformation.

For those that have, I have to ask what is
your desired end state? Trump president for life? No more elections? Or just no more that could elect their opponents?

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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