Little things make a difference


When the news turns to politics, headlines are usually dominated by big issues, the ones everybody knows at least something about.

But often it’s the little things that make a real difference in our everyday lives. The kind of things that pass mostly without notice.

For example, what does a church or other nonprofit religious organization do when a natural disaster devastates its property?

In the past there was just insurance and the kindness of the congregation. Now, like most other secular charities, religious groups can appeal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help.

President Donald Trump’s administration recently announced religious nonprofits will have the same access to federal help as other nonprofits affected by disasters. Previously, churches and the like were excluded to avoid using government funds to promote religion.

Now, thanks to court challenges and administration action, religious groups will have equal access to FEMA funds. It should be noted that churches, synagogues and the like are often first on the scene to help with disasters and FEMA often uses church facilities as shelters and staging areas.

Most churches will never need the money. But for those that do, it would be a great help.

No, this isn’t something that makes big headlines. But when needed it’s something that will make a big impact on the lives of the faithful.


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