Libertarian Price vows to answer to constituents


What is your proverbial elevator speech as to what makes you the best for the office?

As a tax prep clerk for non-profits, community groups, and youth sport organization, as well as being a community leader, every day at work, I see government red tape, overreach, and significant redundancies. The hurdles our government puts in place simply chokes out many good organizations while promoting those with questionable operations. This makes me uniquely qualified to address the needs of our district, because I know them, I see them, I deal with them each and every day. When elected, I will demand government transparency, fiscal responsibility, and most importantly accountability!

What is your highest educational level, in what career have you worked most of your working life, and what previous public office have you held or public service have you performed, paid or as a volunteer?

Some college (SUNY Broome). I started my career in the hotel restaurant industry. I became the head chef and food service supervisor at a large multi-million dollar location. After running that location for a few years, I wanted a new challenge, so that’s when I transitioned to finance and have been doing it ever since. I’ve run for local and state offices, but not won them. I am currently part of 10 different community groups and charity organizations. I’ve volunteered my time with many groups including Achieve, the NAACP, and youth sports.

What are some things that set you apart from your opponents?

They both have held this office and had some limited success, but neither of them have kept their word on many issues, neither of them have been held accountable for their many failures, and most importantly, neither of them can or will represent this district. Some pundits say 45% will win this election, and if that’s the case, over half won’t be represented if you vote D or R. Why? Because they have to answer to party leadership and I ONLY answer to the people of the district and our constitution.

What can you do for the district that your opponents cannot?

I can and will actually be able to work with members of all parties to get things done. I’m not beholden to party politics or party platform agendas. I can and will represent us by siding with the voters of the district each and every time, not party leadership, or corrupt cooperate donors.

How can you be an effective legislator as a member of the House minority?

By communicating our needs, being honest, working well with others, and unlike my opponents, keeping the voters in mind at all times. What is good for NYC isn’t always good for us, so I’ll work on realistic solutions, not one size fits all polices.

What is the Libertarian view of the federal government’s role?

Simply put … government’s role is to support, uplift, and work for the people. Government can’t truly create jobs and should never legislate morality. Government needs to reduce its role in our lives, by backing out of our homes, our places of work, our community groups, and our religious organizations. Government should always be limited at all levels and kept in bounds by our constitution.


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