LETTER: The safety of nuclear power plant operations


With the increased attention on activities happening in Ukraine, and the recent attack on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, I would like to take a moment to reassure residents about the operational safety of nuclear power plants.

According to a recent report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Zaporizhzhia plant design and safety features remain in place. The containment structure and barriers that protect the public from a radiological release continue to be intact. This heightened awareness has increased the focus on the safety of our local nuclear facilities from similar attacks.

The Oswego County Emergency Management Office (EMO) is the off-site response organization in charge of coordinating the response to an incident at any one of the nuclear power plants owned and operated by Constellation in Oswego County.

Our mission, along with that of our nuclear, state and federal partners, is to protect the health and safety of those residents living within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) surrounding the nuclear power plants.

EMO and our partners have emergency plans in place that address many challenges the plants may encounter including a Hostile Action Base (HAB) incident at any of the facilities. We are all required to exercise and continuously evaluate our plans. The occurrence of a serious nuclear plant emergency is highly unlikely due to the numerous safety precautions, redundant features and robust design these power plants are constructed with.

EMO remains in communication with our partners and will continue to monitor the situation.

This is a good opportunity to remind residents to have discussions with their households for ALL emergencies. Take the time to make a plan with your family if you do not have one already.

Information about emergency planning, including nuclear preparedness, can be found at OswegoCounty.com/emo. The Nuclear Preparedness public information brochure along with other preparedness information is available for all residents of Oswego County.

— Cathleen Palmitesso, Oswego County Emergency Management Director


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