LETTER: Reader criticizes comments that ‘belittle’ president


This is in response to Rep. Elise Stefanik’s degrading, belittling words about our president in the Daily Sentinel on Feb. 25.

How comforting to know that young adults of our next generation could be reading your words, use this same language about others, and think that it’s “the norm” to criticize and belittle people. 

I saw on TV there is a contest going on now, in our area, teaching kids that it’s “cool to be kind.” Maybe you could learn from this.

Look at the news and witness what those poor people are going through in Ukraine and thank God how lucky you are. 

Did you see the letter to the editor in the Daily Sentinel on Feb. 26 critical of you? I hope this makes you feel proud to be an American. How very sad...

— Anita Peer, Rome


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