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Lee Center News: June 22 to 28

Charlene Rouillier, Boonville Herald columnist
Posted 6/24/22

Weather always comes first. We have had several days of very nice weather, but as I was writing this on Wednesday, the last weather report I heard was thunder showers after midnight...

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Lee Center News: June 22 to 28


Weather always comes first. We have had several days of very nice weather, but as I was writing this on Wednesday, the last weather report I heard was thunder showers after midnight, and some rather heavy storms tomorrow - quoting the weather person, “possibly, a tornado or two.” I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen!

Congratulations to Korena Kinney and Cory Matt. They were married on June 11. It was a very nice wedding. My granddaughter and my great-granddaughter were both in it. My great-granddaughter is not quite 3, and she was the flower girl. The two little people did very well. I was told that the ring bearer said he wasn’t going to be any “bear.” So, he wore quite a large sheriff’s star and sunglasses. He looked very classy as a “security officer.” He did a very fine job.

Saturday was my birthday. After church, I made a very quick visit to my youngest granddaughter’s. She goes to Rome Catholic in second grade and they are learning cursive. She wrote a very nice card, and a very touching letter that she wrote all by herself; words, spelling, a drawing, and all. It surely is a keeper. Today was her birthday, and I made another very quick visit. She seems to have matured overnight, but it doesn’t seem like she should be 8 years old!

I have been having problems with my computer, my house phone, and cell phone. If anyone has called and all of a sudden you have a blank line, or you call and it rings and rings, I’m sorry. It’s not me hanging up or not answering. I will refrain from revealing my carrier, but I’m not real happy with them!

In last week’s column, I referred to the fawn that my son helped rescue. I saw pictures of it today, and it wasn’t just a fawn, it had to have been a newborn. It was tiny!

I hope all the father’s out there had a very nice Father’s Day.

The Lee Center Methodist Church Women held their yearly picnic on Tuesday. Since it was Flag Day, that was the theme for the day. There were 12 in attendance, including several spouses. The food was good, the decorations were very appropriate, each person received a small flag, and the program was also themed for Flag Day. We enjoyed a bit of Flag Day trivia. We ended with the singing of “Let There Be Peace on Earth” led by Norm Fey. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” A very meaningful and beautiful hymn, especially at this time.

A very kind and generous person left a box of neatly and carefully wrapped collection of angels at the church, with a note to give them to someone who would enjoy them and take care of them. We thank you. I neglected to count them, but everyone who attended church on Sunday, and those attending the picnic received an angel of their choice. We still have a few left, and again, thank you. What a loving gesture.

Condolences are given to the family of Harold Paine. He suffered a very valiant fight with cancer. He will be missed.

The book club at the Methodist Church is reading “At Home in Mitford” for the July meeting on July 5. Jan Karon is the author. The Book Club is open to anyone. Bring your own light lunch and beverage at noon.

Thought for the week: “I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in love, even when I cannot feel it. I believe in God even when He is silent.” Written on a wall by a Jewish prisoner in Cologne.

Remember to pray for our Nation.

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