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Keep pets safe this July 4

Posted 6/30/19

Say ‘Hello’ to quirky kitty Leo Howdy!  My name is Leo, and I am a handsome, good-sized white and orange male feline who was brought into the shelter by my owner at the beginning of May. I am …

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Keep pets safe this July 4


Say ‘Hello’
to quirky kitty Leo


My name is Leo, and I am a handsome, good-sized white and orange male feline who was brought into the shelter by my owner at the beginning of May. I am 1-year-old, and I am told I am amazing by the shelter staff (thank you very much!).

I enjoy being in the company of other cats and I would assume they like being in my company as well! I am very affectionate. I think I could warm up to living with a dog if I am adopted into a home with one. I do have a funny and quirky habit — that is, I like to lay down when I eat and drink! Well, all I can say is that I like to be relaxed and there’s nothing more relaxing than eating or drinking!

Please Winston, send me some people so we can see if we click! Thank you for your time.

Love, Leo 

Winston says:

Hi there Leo; love the story about your eating and drinking habits. I guess that’s kind of like humans who sometimes put up their feet on a nice warm comfy recliner to eat their dinner, well, why not? 

I wish you all of the luck in the world in finding a new home.

All the very best, Winston

Keep pets safe
for July 4th 

The Fourth of July is a wonderful occasion to celebrate our nation’s independence, but it’s not without risk to your dog or cat. 

Holidays mean a lot of unattended food, some of it toxic to your pet. If you host a party, you’re less focused on your pet’s needs and whereabouts. And many animals are downright terrified by fireworks: every year, thousands flee the family home only to be injured or killed in traffic, picked up by animal control or simply never seen again. But there are some basic steps you can take to protect your pet so that it doesn’t become another sad statistic. 

ID your pet: For starters, make sure your pet has some form of identification at all times. Ideally, this is a combination of collar and ID tag, microchip or tattoo.

Your veterinarian will be able to implant the chip and make the most appropriate recommendations for your pet. Consider registering each pet on your household with one of the many new lost pet recovery services.

Each year there’s an increase in the number of lost pets in the days following the Fourth of July; make sure your pet isn’t one of them. 

Pets and “people food” don’t mix: You might think it’s entertaining to give Fido a hot dog or something else, but many foods that are just fine on your dinner plate are not just poisonous, but deadly for your pet.

Keep dogs and cats on their usual diets, and make sure you know the foods, plants and other ingredients that are toxic to their health. If you think your pet ate any of these items, call your veterinarian immediately or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. 

Fireworks and pets don’t mix, either: Most pets are terrified of fireworks: the loud noise, crowds and bursts of bright light all boost your pet’s anxiety quotient.

Keep dogs and cats away from fireworks and create a safe haven for them at home. Turn on a radio, TV or stereo to distract them from any outside revelry (many folks swear by classical music and Animal Planet). And be sure all windows are secured so that your pet can’t escape if it gets startled. 

Cool it: The Fourth of July holiday occurs during one of the hottest summer periods. Animals are susceptible to heat stroke, just like people – a condition that’s particularly lethal for dogs. Be sure your pet has plenty of shade and cool water, and limit its exercise.

Learn the warning signs of heat stroke, such as excessive panting or drooling, muscle tremors and limited urine output, and contact your veterinarian or emergency veterinary facility immediately if you suspect your pet is suffering from heat stroke. 

Know your pet’s whereabouts: Pets are part of the family, and their instinct is to be wherever you are, including in the middle of your cookout. Alternate your pet’s outdoor, social time with indoor, quiet time.

While indoors, give your dog or cat a toy that keeps it occupied, such as a Kong or chew toy. When outdoors, keep your pet with you on a lead or leash at all times. Even if you have an enclosed yard, all it takes is one guest who forgets to close the gate for your cherished pet to slip out of sight. 

If you follow these basic, common sense tips you and your pet should have a fun - and safe - Fourth of July! 

Cat adoptions: 

Lotus; Jade; Bodhi; Atikas; Turbo; Deanna; Odin; Cinnamon; Creamsicle; Rezy; Basil; Tom and Nala.

Dog adoptions: 


Wish list  

Clumping and non-clumping kitty litter 

Covered cat beds (any size) 

Cat toys (any) 

Gravy style wet food for dogs 

Friskies Brand Kitten Food 

Small paper food trays (used to feed cats moist food) 

Grain Free Dog treats 

Soft dog treats (unopened) such as: Bacon Strips and Pupperoni 

Raw Hides for Dogs 

Batteries (all sizes) 

Boxes of Tissues 

Yellow Highlighters 

Paws on the Green
Coming Soon

Join the Rome Humane Society on Monday, Aug. 5,. for the annual Paws on the Green golf tournament at Teugega Country Club. The event is the Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser of the entire year. Golf! Donate! Participate! Call Lynn or Peggy at 315-336-6870 for information.

Dining for Dogs
(and Cats!) 

Aug. 20 — Texas Roadhouse, 4511 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, 4 to 10 p.m.

Ways you can
help the shelter 

Become a member! 


Donate! (You can specify where you would like your donation to go: Medical Fund, Spay/Neuter Fund, Building Fund or General Fund) 

Also, did you know that if you love animals but cannot adopt at this time, you can still help? 

The Humane Society of Rome also offers a sponsorship program, where people can sponsor the cost of an animal while it is living at the shelter (pay the expenses for their food, medical care, etc); or sponsor an animal’s adoption fee or sponsor an animal’s spaying or neutering fee.

Cat’s Pride Little
for Good Program

The Humane Society of Rome participates with Cat’s Pride Litter for Good Program, and it’s received 4,000 pounds of cat litter due to nominations from the community. This is an ongoing promotion. The more nominations, the more litter the society receives. Litter as you can imagine, is a great expense for the Humane Society, so this would be a wonderful savings for our shelter. 

The public is invited to participate as follows: 

1. Go to and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club 

2. Click on the “Nominate” button to help us receive litter. 

3. Enter bonus code: 4GOOD and you will double your shelter nomination. 

4. Buy a green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light – every time you do, another pound of litter is added to the total amount donated. 

makes US SMILE! 

AmazonSmile is a simple, automatic way for you to support the Humane Society of Rome! Every time you shop with Amazon, they donate a portion of the purchase price to our charitable organization. 

This is what you do --- BEFORE you begin to shop: 

1. Go to AmazonSmile ( 

2. Sign into your Amazon Account 

3. Click on Accounts and Lists 

4. Click on Your Account 

5. Scroll down to Settings 

6. Click on Change Your Charity 

7. Start typing in “Humane Society of Rome” and Search 

8. Make sure you choose the correct Humane Society and SELECT! 

9. You can then GO SHOPPING! 

Thank you! 

The Humane Society Shelter is so grateful for those who take the time to care and to share...from the monetary donations to the countless donations requested on our wish list…it all makes a big difference to our animals. It makes their lives so much better.

While we provide only a temporary home for them, we want to be certain it is the best they can have for now. When you make a donation to the shelter, you can be assured that it is earmarked for exactly what you wish, whether it’s for the Medical Fund, Spay-Neuter Fund, Building Fund, or General Fund.

The Humane Society appreciates everything the public does for it, as it is a not-for-profit organization and the expenses are oftentimes monumental. The day to day costs of running a shelter is something that must be met. The cats and dogs must be fed, must have heat, must have medicine, must have staff to care for them. The society is in great need of general donations at this time, more than ever.


Are you a member of the Humane Society of Rome? If not, please log onto its website and click on the ‘how can I help’ link and look for “MEMBERSHIP.” 

Shelter hours

The Humane Society of Rome Shelter, 6247 Lamphear Road is open from Tuesday - Saturday from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sunday from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. For information, contact the shelter staff at 315-336-7070.


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