Jervis Public Library announces donations received


Jervis Public Library is announcing its received donations from Nov. 1 through Jan. 31, and is extending thanks to its many donors.

Jervis’ Board of Trustees in a statement Thursday expressed “sincere appreciation to the many individuals and organizations who generously responded to the library’s annual fund drive, and who continue to support the library throughout the year.

A special thanks is extended, say Trustees, to the families and loved ones of Catherine E. (Zakala) Pelano, Carl E. Parker Jr., and Lucille James Cornish Lane, and others for whom memorial donations were made in the last quarter.

Trustees also note that, as a non-profit educational institution, it welcomes tax-deductible donations. Contributions can be made in cash, check, credit card or PayPal, and are accepted in-person, by mail or at

For details on Memorial/In Memory Of donations, the Giving Tree, or the Library’s Wish List, visit the library’s information desk. Individual donors are listed below those for whom memorial donations were made:

Lucille Jane Cornish Lane

Ruth DiDomenico

Don and Julie Piche

Mr. And Mrs. Peter Prince

Arlene Cornish Watson

Carl E. Parker Jr.

Darin and Linda Baker

William J. Baldygo

Mr. and Mrs. John Genie Barry

David L. Bergstrom

The Bridge Group

Roberta Cavano

Chris and Cindy Crolius

Cathy Dare

Delta Terrace Improvement Association

Betty Dowd

Laura Dutton

Jennifer Evans and Robert Fitzgibbon

Susan A. Fischer

Don and Carole Gondek

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Haley

Mr. and Mrs. John Hayden

Kevin and Barbara Hoehn

Jeri Kaskoun

Kestrel Construction Svc., Inc.

Tony and Linda Kimball

Lake Delta Home Bureau

Nancy and Sherman Lovelace

March Associates

Daniel and Kathleen McAuliffe

Mimosa Twig

Kathy and Harold Montague

Dick and Diane Mumpton

Janet Narayan

Kathi Palermo

Marge Palmer

Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Church

Andrea Radesi

Tom and Betty Reilly

Steve M. Sislo

Cheryl A. Skogland

Mellony and Dominick Spinelli

Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Linda Sturtevant

Sheila Vandeveer

Shirley Wikiera

William and Gladys Winterton

Charles Alessi

Mary Winberg

Norman Bard

Kim and Larry Glantz

Barbara Barr

Carrie Scaccia

Dr. Theodore and Erma Baum

Todd Jones

Lucille Behrman

Frances L. DiMarco

Kathleen Sharma

Mellony and Dominick Spinelli

Jean Burton

Rita Page

Larry Chickos

Glen and Cathy Sexton

Tom Church

Ed and Cyndy Haley

Dolly Cieri

Wednesday Morning Club

Rosemary (Colella) Coccia

Mr. and Mrs. James Coccia

Elaine and Larry Plunkett

Serafina Conestabile

Mrs. James P. Kehoe Jr.

Paul Dellacontrada

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parry

John R. Devlin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kaplan

Robert and Marjory Schaller

Nicholas Domenico

Clare and Ralph Mirabelli

Mellony and Dominick Spinelli

Lillie S. Esposito

Beverly Siringo (Spindler)

Robin Ettinger

Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Minna Feinman

Kim and Larry Glantz

Eda Fernandez

Charles and Gretcheb Sprock

Robert J. Flanagan

Ida Cabral

Al Gigliotti

Melloy and Dominick Spinelli

Aurie Golden

Paul and Dolly Goetz

Larry and Bev Hoehn

Kevin and Barbara Hoehn

Jane P. Holdridge

Kevin and Barbara Hoehn

Hester Jager

Linda Sturtevant

Jenny Kenny

Glen and Cathy Sexton

Allan Lawrence

Heather Twig

Margarie Levy

Kim and Larry Glantz

Sandra Lockwood

Monica Falitico

Anne Lucas

Patricia and Kenneth Baker Jr.

Gail Lupica

Jennifer Evans and Robert Fitzgibbon

Wednesday Morning Club

Luis Marina Jr.

Mercedes and Luis Marina Sr.

Jason Masters

Annie Cimo

Joseph M. Mastrangelo

Carolyn M. Babcock

Mary Ann and Vincent Ebersole

Thomas and Marie Fenton

Susan and Timothy Hansen

Evelyn R. Surace

Erik Richard Miller

James and Regina Kekis

Betty Murphy

Barb and Kevin Hoehn

Gloria and Morris Nelson

Christine Saward

Ann Nicholas

Nancy Figured

Maugerite L. O’Connell

Valeria Spindler

Mary Ann Rizzo

Nancy and Alice Pawlikowski

Adliza Walker

Mildred M. Schmidt

Martha and Don Washburn

Robert Spindler

Kim and Larry Glantz

Gerald and Gail Sweeney

The Sweeney-Adams Family Fund

Mother of Dr. Gib Tallim

Charles and Florence S. Kaplan

Dr. Gib Tallim’s Brother

Charles and Florence S. Kaplan

Delores Twomey

Martha and David Engelbert

George B. Waters

Stephen B. Waters

Verla Wilson

Georgeanna M. Howanietz

Harry Winberg

Mary Winberg

Cliff Wood

Denise and Richard Giardino

Allana Blasi

Janet Dangler

Corporate Sponsorships:

Brown and Brown Empire State

Cathedral Corporation

D’Arcangelo and Co., LLC

Dippin Donuts

Kris-Tech Wire Company, Inc.

Plumley Engineering, P.C.

Rome Federal Credit Union

Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union

Strong-Burns and Sprock Funeral Home

Tips and Dies, Inc.

Other gifts/donations:

Ella Alsheimer

Matthew Atanasoff

Glen Bahr

Christine Bart

Douglas W. Bartell

Louis and Celia Bartholomew

Robert K. Berninger

Christine Betrus

Ruth and Gene Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bojanek

Elizabeth Bottini

Margaret Bratge

Carol Brigandi

Brian F. Burke Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Butters

John and Jane Cameron

Mario Q. Carrado Jr.

Anthony and Elizabeth Conestabile

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Corbett

Jim and Sue Cusack

Ron and Fran D’Amore

Mrs. Suzanne K. Edwards

Beatrice Ferguson

Paul and Joan Fitzpatrick

Peter J. Fox

Sara Martha Gifford

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goetz

Carmen Gratch

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gray Jr.

Deb Greshtchuk

Dorothy G. Griffin Charitable Foundation

The Shirley W. and William L. Griffin Foundation

Desiree Gromelski

David and Margee Grow

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Grow

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gruver

Kathleen “Chip” Haley

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haritatos

Sharri Hartwell

Hazen B. Hinman Sr.

Kirk Hinman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hinman

Sally Hinman

Judge David and Constance L. Hurd

Carmella Iuorno

Mr. and Mrs. Senatro J. Iuorno

Barbara L. Jalbert

Mrs. Mary Jones

Dr. John T. Kahler

Jeri Kaskoun

Jim and Regina Kekis

Carl W. Krombach Jr.

Arnold and Linda Lanckton

James Lombardo

Carl Longley

Nancy Lovelace

Maureen Martin

Marg and Joe Maurer

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McAuliffe

Mr. and Mrs. James McDermid

Gerald McDonald

Elizabeth McKinstry Fund

Charles and Mary Faith Messenger

Gail D. Miller

Frank H. Milotte

Rosemary Mody

Carol Mungari

Mary Murphy

Imelda Nichter

R. Patrick O’Connor

Patricia Pagano

Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Panara

Anne M. and Carl A. Panasci Family Fund

Sharon W. Parsons

Charles R. Pfrimmer

The William G. Pomeroy Foundation

Joan M. Portley

Andrea Radesi

Joan Randall

Barth Register

Michael Rescigno

Ronald and Barbara Rhodes

Dr. Kenneth Robinson

Rome Lions Club

Bonnie Rose

Stuart and Andrea Rounds

Sears Family Foundation

Jennie and Robert Shearin

Barbara Smith

Carol Sorbello

Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Janet Stanulevich

Karen and Rich Stapleton

Ms. Alice Stephens

Ronald and Catherine Stouffer

Sally K. Strange

Janice Swerediuk

Town of Floyd

Patrick and Patricia Trophia

Raymond and Gail Tucker

Melvin Tuner

William S. Tuthill

Guy W. Tuttle

Tim and Debbie Twomey

Ralph Varano

Anthony Vinci

Frank and Angela Viviani

Lynda and Duane Wallace

Donald and Martha Washburn

Frank Weston

Shirley Wikiera

Cassie and Arthur Winter

Mary-Carmel Wolf

Jervis trustees also extend thanks to volunteers:

Glenda Alvarez

Oneida-Lewis ARC

Clarissa Burkhart

Robert Cavano

Simeon DeMatteis

Alaina DiMaggio

Emily Harrington

Meghan Heyes

Kids Oneida/Quality Youtth Services Volunteers

Evan Lewthwaite

Elliot Lothridge

Molly Riggleman

Shelley Graham-Turner

Jacob Warwick


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