Jervis Library recognizes donors, extends appreciation


Jervis Public Library is announcing its received donations from Feb. 1 through April 30, and is extending thanks to its many donors.

Jervis’ Board of Trustees in a statement last week expressed “sincere appreciation to the many individuals and organizations who generously responded to the library’s annual fund drive, and who continue to support the library throughout the year.

A special thanks is extended, say Trustees, to the families and loved ones of Barth John Register, Elaine (Petrucci) Evans, Doris B. (Baldigo) Goetz, Anna M. (Daniello) Thomas, Dorothy (DelVecchio) Procopio, Muriel K. (Karlen) Potocki, and Virginia Anne (Hyland) Peel, and others for whom memorial donations were made in the last quarter.

Trustees also note that, as a non-profit educational institution, the library welcomes tax-deductible donations. Contributions can be made in cash, check, credit card or PayPal, and are accepted in-person, by mail or at

For details on Memorial/In Memory Of donations, the Giving Tree, or the library’s Wish List, visit the library’s information desk. Individual donors are listed below those for whom memorial donations were made:

Barth John Register

Patricia S. Bates

Rose Blackburne and Marg Menghi

Doug and Susan Davidson

Kathleen Frasca

Marie Parry

Jim and Sally Ruby

Mary K. Swerediuk

Bill and Mary Carmel Wolf

Patricia Wyman

Elaine (Petrucci) Evans

Barbara Askham

Janine Baker

Dianne Blake

Norm and Lorraine Campbell

Robert and Laurette Coluccio


Michael Hagan

Cyndy and Ed Haley

Sally Hinman

Kenneth Jones

Bob and Diane Kullman

Loveland Public Library

Patti Mastrangelo

Sue Mendiola

Bill Paine

Anthony and Eleanor Picente

Jennifer Premo

Mark and Deborah Raulli

Peg Rossi

Robert and Marjory Schaller

Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Mary K. Swerediuk

Camille Vinci

Shelly and Mark Zappavigna

Doris B. (Baldigo) Goetz

The Chyrywaty family

The Delaney family

Linda and Joe DeLuke

Deborah Dunn

The Edison Club

Nancy English and Cherie Grant

Jim and Kerry Furney

Mary Gatley

Rick and Denise Giardino

Evangeline and Tom Hart

Charles and Florence S. Kaplan

Kira, Lorri, Jennifer and Meg

Beth and Dan McMonagle

Judy Parker

Lucy Pettinelli

The Rushton family

Joe and Judy Sigg

Marie Angela Sparato

Scott and Kate Stephen

Diane Waskiewicz

Karen Weiss

Marlene V. Wrightman

Bill and Mary Carmel Wolf

Anna M. (Daniello) Thomas

Lauren Burns

Patti Daniello

Lucy Gleba

Dawn and David Klemm

Linda and Richard Marocchi

David and Sheila Sbaraglia

Darrell Thomas

Dorothy (Delvecchio)

Sue and Anthony Carvelli

Roberta Cavano

The D’Argenio family

Dorothy and Lynn DelVecchio

Josephine A. Iannotti

Ann and Tedd Kehoe

The Latour Family

The Malinowski Family

The New Hartford Democratic Committee

Nick and Jan Norelli

Marion J. Pinti

Muriel K. (Karlen) Potocki

David Cooper

Dolores W. Cornish

Prosper F. D’Aiuto

The Nelson Family

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rashford

Donna Richards

Virginia Anne (Hyland) Peel

Nancy H. Arnold

Ruth P. Augenstein

Edith Bigalow

Brian F. Burke, Sr.

Peter and Lori Chien

Sandra Engle

Arlene Flagg

Sara Martha Gifford

Mary Grow

Cyndy and Ed Haley

Susan Hatch

Lisa and Keith Kinna

Christine and Peter Lotto

Valerie D. Manning

Mary Murphy

Mildred Plopper

Mary Beth Portley and Derek McNally

Bonnie Rose

Ron and Kay Stouffer

Carla P. Till

Abby Wahl

Ann Weidenfeller

Lucille Behrman

Robert and Pearl Hierholzer

Peter Betz

Irene Betz

Diane Bures

Jerry and Mary Lou Hilow

Jean Colangelo

Bunny Rousseau

Michael Dolan

Linda Sturtevant

Terry Dolan

Mellony and Dominick Spinelli

Beverly Furney

Robert and Marjory Schaller

Joseph Griffo Sr.

Michelle Corigliano

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parry

Jane Holdridge

Margaret, Mary, Bill, Therese, and John, the childrem of Margaret and Bill Hopkins

Nellie M. Hughes

Charlotte Henry Hughes

Lucille Jane Cornish Lane

Mrs. Dolores W. Cornish

Francis S. Sanzone

South Glens Falls faculty

Sunshine Club at South Glens Falls High School

Ronald H. LaSalle

Ronald H. and Bonnie A.

“Lucy” (the Princess
and the Pea)

Frances DiMarco

Pauline Mazzaferro

Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Virginia Merola

Marie and Stephen Viscelli

James Milewski

Maxine Strong

Nancy Ogut-Diamond

Amy E. Bartell

Joseph A. Pasqualetti

Frank DiBerardino III

Paula DiBarardino

Frank Perez

Ron and Marie Hughes

Betty Van Rye-Moore

Bonnie Rose

Bernadette Wood

Bonnie Rose

Additional donations have been received in honor of:

Ed Haley’s 76th birthday

Cyndy Haley

Corporate sponsorships

Community Bank N.A.

Nunn’s Home Medical Equipment

Revere Copper Products

Giving Tree gifts

Bunny Rousseau

Other gifts and material donations

Linda Carlson

Samantha Chaintrevil

City of Rome Democratic Committee

Congregation Adas Israel

Peggy Deering

Beatrice Ferguson

Sherman and Anna Gallay

Cheryl and Fred Haritatos

Richard and Linda Marocchi

LaVerne D. Walker

Jervis trustees also extend thanks to volunteers:

Glenda Alvarez

Katie Burd

Clarissa Burkhart

Pat Corbett

Kenneth Davis

Alaina DiMaggio

Rebecca Ferguson

Patricia Hansen

Kids Oneida – Quality Youth Services

Evan Lewthwaite

Students from Hamilton College Hamilton Serves Program

Students from Tradewinds Education Center

Linda Sturtevant

Shelley Graham Turner

Jacob Warwick


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