Izzo meets with school, hospital leaders


Mayor Jacqueline M. Izzo met with two other top executives in the city last week to share her vision of Rome and make sure that the school district and the hospital are on board.

Mayor Izzo met with incoming Rome City School District Superintendent Peter Blake and Rome Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer David W. Lundquist Wednesday afternoon.

Blake takes over July 1. Lunquist started March 1.

Izzo took office at the start of this year.

Though Izzo has already met with Blake and Lundquist in one-on-one situations, this was the first time they’d all sat together like this, she noted.

It was, she noted, “New leadership in three of the most important parts of the city. We should be communicating and working together. Dialogue is important. We’re going to be meeting regularly. These are two of the biggest employers in the city.”

The keys, she said, are to share “direction and vision.” This conversation was a chance to make sure “we’re on the same page and have the common goal of growing the community.”

“We all face similar problems,” Izzo said, and they discussed them in the meeting.

“It’s interesting to talk to leaders who are in the same executive position you are. You help each other through dialogue,” she said.

Izzo said it’s a good thing to have new leadership in these key areas.

“All three of us are relatively new in our positions. We’re not coming in with a clouded vision. We have our eyes wide open. We’re evaluating our businesses,” the mayor added.

One way Rome is evaluating itself is in the area of employment and residency.

There’s been an effort to promote living in Rome as a option for those who work here but commute.

“We have already broached that,” Izzo said of her talks with the district and hospital.

She said she talked about the federal Community Needs Assessment being conducted in Rome, and the associated survey.

She said she asked the two men to encourage their employees to take the survey, especially for the information about employees who live in or outside Rome, and why.

Izzo said the most important thing she wanted to communicate to Blake and Lundquest about the school and hospital was “how important to us they are in our economic development efforts.”

Schools and health care are always major topics when recruiting businesses, she noted.


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