It’s time for D.C. to become 51st state


“No Taxation Without Representation” is a cornerstone of our American independence.

For the over 700,000 residents of Washington, D.C. taxation without representation is their reality, and they pay more per capita than any other state. D.C. residents are subject to Selective Service registration with more than 11,000 D.C residents currently serving in the military. Yet these Americans have no voting representation in Congress.

D.C. statehood would give residents direct control over their own local laws. Imagine Congress second-guessing every local budget, zoning rule, and code. It would be unacceptable, yet this is reality for our fellow Americans who reside in Washington D.C.

Let’s consider Washingtonians themselves: 47% are African-Americans, 11% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. While most Washingtonians are people of color, their ability to govern themselves is appropriated by majority white governing body. If afforded statehood, D.C. would be the only plurality African-American state in the country.

Compare Washington, D.C. to other states. It’s slightly less populous than Alaska but has more people than Vermont or Wyoming. D.C has had a balanced budget for over 20 years deriving most of its funding from local taxes. It has earned a A-1 bond rating. Washingtonians want statehood. In 2016 referendum resulted 85% of D.C. residents voting statehood.

It’s difficult to realize that there are Americans deprived of having a voting member in Congress. Power should be derived from the consent of the governed.

We have a plan to accomplish this. There’s a bill that has passed the House and is up for a vote in the Senate. Just as American patriots united in their fight for independence, we now need to unite in securing home rule and freedom from tyranny for Washingtonians by admitting D.C. as our 51st state.

— Kathleen Timpano,
New Hartford


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