Invading privacy, unintentionally


It turns out your iPhone may have been spying on you. In an AP story carried in the Daily Sentinel dated Jan. 29, Apple acknowledged a glitch that allowed iPhone users to listen in on other iPhone users even if they didn’t answer their phones.

As first reported by the website, the bug allowed a caller using the FaceTime app to listen in on the person being called, even if the person didn’t answer the call.

There was no indication to the receiver of the call that some connection had been made; it just kept ringing while the person at the other end listened in. Another identified bug allowed callers to see through the recipient phone’s camera.

Apple announced it has since released a fix. Until then, iPhone users were being advised to disable their FaceTime apps. There’s been no indication that this was the result of some intentional mischief.

That might be the scariest part of all: that today’s technology can end up invading users’ privacy all on its own.


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