Interpretation of Biden’s Inaugural Address was faulty


Stephen Waters’ lead editorial in the Saturday, Jan. 23, edition is certainly located in the correct place. It is his opinion, not fact, seemingly arrived at by a gross misinterpretation of President Biden’s Inaugural Address.

Mr. Waters claims that the term “Unity,” as expressed therein is meant to imply “Conformity.” The dictionary uses “unity of purpose” as the major meaning for “Unity,” and “subservience and obedience” as the essence of “Conformity.”

Nowhere in the president’s speech, or in his actions before or after the inauguration, has President Biden asked, suggested, or required, that any citizen, voter, alien, racial member, or US resident agree with his opinions, to obey them, or be subservient to them. All he is asking is that we all reduce the antagonism against each other, listen to each other, and recognize that our opinions may vary but we all should work together with a unity of purpose to forge ahead for a better future.

It is interesting that the last paragraph of this faulty analysis of the Inaugural Address actually contradicts, and effectively cancels all that precedes it. This paragraph asserts that we need to be “tuned to listen.” This is exactly what the president asked for.

— David N. Kobernuss, Taberg


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