Immigration laws need serious reform


The letter published on July 24, 2018 indicated family separations did not begin with the Trump administration.  The letter continues with “where children have been neglected, abused or otherwise mistreated by their own parents” the parents are considered criminal and charged as such.  It goes on to state that “when it comes to immigration we forget about the laws we have,” that “the parents committed the crime and unfortunately the children suffer.”  It concludes with “the parents are the ones to blame, not the government, or the past or present administrations.”
These parents who have brought their children here have been seeking the “shining city on a hill,” where they can earn a living wage and give their children a shot at a better life.  They are escaping abuse and violence, and don’t know our laws – only their belief that the US represents the best place in the world for their children.
But the laws, the laws!  Well, immigration laws need serious reform.  Remember the Dred Scott decision?  And the Jim Crow segregation laws?  Our country addressed those travesties and can address the immigration laws as well.
We need immigration, we need diversity and we need population growth.  Most of all, we need an administration that understands that.

— Mike Corbett, Rome 


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