Ilion police warn of telephone scams making way through Mohawk Valley


VILLAGE OF ILION — The Ilion Police Department has issued a warning to local residents to beware of telephone scams circulating through the area.

Police officials said there are numerous known scams targeting their residents, including scammers posing as the Social Security Administration, scammers posing as tech support for your computer or smartphone, and scammers posing as relatives who need money to get out of jail.

“These are just to name a few,” officials said. “Elderly, retired and those living alone seem to be their targeted victims.”

Tips to avoid being scammed:

Do no allow unknown sources access to your computer, smartphone or other electronic device. This can expose your personal information, banking information, passwords and much more.

Do not send money by wire or gift card to unsolicited and unverified sources. Most scams demand the purchase of a gift card to steal your money.

Many scammers will become insulting or degrading in an attempt to intimidate their victim. Scam artists can seem very convincing over the telephone.

Anyone who receives a call that seems to be a scam, police warn to call your local law enforcement agency to verify what’s happening before you send any money. Ilion Police can be reached at 315-894-9911.


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