Hypocrisy of Stefanik on Ukraine


I read recently in the Daily Sentinel that my congressperson, Elise Stefanik, proclaims herself to “stand firmly with” the people of Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s attack on their nation.

Stefanik has a lot of nerve.

She spent the greater part of the last five years pursuing actions on the international stage which had the result of giving “aid and comfort” to Vladimir Putin. When President Trump tried to slow-walk defensive aid to Ukraine, demanding nonexistent political ammunition from President Zelensky in return for exactly the sort of weapons that would be needed to fend off a Russian invasion, Elise Stefanik covered for him. When it came time to hold the president accountable for his reprehensible behavior —behavior which violated USC 52 Ss. 30121 — she voted to ignore this violation. Putin must not have been happier or more emboldened by the resulting notion that US support of Ukraine might not be so strong after all.

Elise Stefanik also ended up running interference for Vladimir Putin when she voted, along party lines, to cut short the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

In one sense, Representative Stefanik’s letter was right — we should —stand with democracies against ruthless autocrats like Vladimir Putin and Mohammed Bin Salman — both of whom, let us not forget, have ordered assassinations of their critics abroad. But our support of democracies should not be passing flights of fancy determined by momentary domestic political ambitions.

On the contrary, moral courage should be a minimum requirement for the privilege of representing the American people.

— Benjamin Landry,


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