‘Hubie Halloween’ is funny, endearing


In the spirit of the spookiest of holidays, Adam Sandler has returned to his dumb comedy roots with the silly and kind of wonderful “Hubie Halloween”.

Sandler has been such a Hollywood mainstay for decades now that he is practically his own brand of entertainment. You know what you’re going to get when you sit down to watch an Adam Sandler movie. And his latest Netflix film — “Hubie Halloween” — is both a throwback to his earliest movies and a self-parody of those same movies.

It’s simple and dumb and perfect and exactly the sort of feel-good Halloween movie we need this season.

Sandler stars as yet another of his famous man-children, Hubie Dubois, complete with arrested development and a silly accent. Born and raised in Salem, Mass., Hubie is the self-declared Halloween safety monitor, making sure both young and old alike have a safe and happy holiday. But when an escaped mental patient sets his sights on Salem, it’s going to be up to Hubie to save the day.

Sandler burst onto the Hollywood scene way back in the 1990s with a series of movies about dumb man children getting in trouble, like “Billy Madison”, “Happy Gilmore” and “The Waterboy”. He’s made a lot of movies since then, but “Hubie Halloween” is a callback to those earlier films that made him famous. If you were a fan of early Sandler, he seems more than happy to dive back into that silliness.

And he’s not alone. “Hubie Halloween” is filled to the brim with all of his acting buddies, from Ray Liotta to Kevin James to Steve Buscemi. It’s as if Sandler just called up a bunch of his friends and asked if they wanted to make a harmless Halloween flick together. It feels like a casual hangout of a movie.

Therein lies the charm of “Hubie Halloween”. It’s just a fun, casual, quality flick, made by professional filmmakers and starring a who’s who of popular actors and comedians. Sandler churns out these types of movies in his sleep, but they never feel too lazy. “Hubie Halloween” feels like Adam Sandler set out to make the best Halloween family film he could, and he easily succeeds.

He also brings his kids along, which I found fun. Sandler has two daughters and he casts them in some minor roles in the movie. Some might call this nepotism, but I call it fine. If Adam Sandler wants to give his daughters a couple of fun roles in his latest movie, I have no problem with that. It adds to the family charm.

We may not have our usual options this year when it comes to spooky Halloween movies, but Adam Sandler and Netlifx have us covered with the delightful “Hubie Halloween”.


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