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F.O.C.U.S. time: How to capture ‘wow’ moments

Diana Jaworski
Sentinel columnist
Posted 7/17/22

Running towards the gate to make my connecting flight, I was so hoping the flight attendant had a challenging time closing the door to allow me enough time to arrive to catch my flight.

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F.O.C.U.S. time: How to capture ‘wow’ moments


Running towards the gate to make my connecting flight, I was so hoping the flight attendant had a challenging time closing the door to allow me enough time to arrive to catch my flight.

No luck at all. My short legs could not move fast enough to make it on time.

Unfortunately, missing my flight meant I had to wait six hours at the terminal to catch the next flight to my speaking event.

Looking around the terminal, attempting to figure out how I would kill time, I spotted a bookstore. “Might as well see what interesting books they may offer.” Browsing through their inventory, a book caught my eye and I decided to purchase it. Settling down in a quiet spot, I was captured by the author’s question at the end of one of the chapters. “What are your WOW moments?”

I can say that missing my connecting flight and spending six hours in a terminal was a wow moment. However, the negative connotation of the word wow truly became a reflective moment over the course of my life.

Having ample time to ponder this question, I realized that many of my wow moments in life centered upon negative situations: Wow – A flat tire on my way to work. Wow – I burnt my dinner. Wow – I forgot an especially important appointment. Wow – A bad hair day. Wow – I forgot my clothes to one of my speaking engagements. Wow – I forgot my shopping list at home. Wow – What a stressful day.

They are all negative references. Was this because I was already in a negative situation with missing my flight? It was apparent that I needed a moment to clear my head, breathe, and do some mental cleansing.

I proceeded to take out my notebook and was determined to think and write down positive wow moments in my life. There were plenty. Much more than my previous list: Wow! What an excellent job on that house project. Wow! I reached one of my goals. Wow! My houseplants are thriving. Wow! I was able to remember a person’s name when they waved to me. Wow! I found $20 in an old jacket. I kept writing because the positive wow moments became endless.

Before I realized it, I finished reading the book and it was soon time to board my connecting flight. Throughout my trip to my speaking event, I could not stop thinking about my newly discovered positive wow moments. Soon after landing, I was rushed to the conference event with only a few minutes to spare. Running up on stage, this time dressed appropriately (see my previous article, Dress for Success), I looked at the audience and with a smile I simply said, “WOW!” I was so happy to have arrived on time after an awfully long but enlightening day. I continued with, “Has anyone recently had a wow moment? I mean, a positive wow moment lately? Well, I would like to take a moment to share mine today.” After sharing my experience at the terminal, missing my connecting flight and my experience with the book I purchased, the audience began to say, “Wow!” Laughter exploded and that was the beginning of a WOW! weekend.

After that weekend, my definition of the word wow took on a different meaning. This has helped me develop a sense of gratitude to help foster a positive mindset. And with that positive mindset comes an entire range of positive possibilities for one’s life. Wow moments can be captured when we:

W – Welcome unexpected situations. Emotions may arise when facing setbacks and disappointments. My frustration of missing my connecting flight was apparent. However, in retrospect, missing my flight led me to discover a wonderful book, a new outlook, and memorable weekend filled with inspiration and motivation. I am a true believer that situations in life, no matter how challenging, happen for a reason and that there are positive wow moments awaiting us all.

O – Open our minds to new possibilities. Negative emotions will block our minds to finding solutions to our problems. When we welcome unexpected situations, deep breathing and keeping an open mind will assist in letting ideas flow. Be courageous to experience life in a distinct perspective. Do not be afraid to learn. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not be afraid to F.O.C.U.S. on personal growth.

W – Watch for hidden wow moments. Be observant and aware of blessings disguised in uncomfortable moments. Be intentional and express gratitude to others who create wow moments for you. “Wow! Thank you for inviting me to lunch.” “Wow! Thank you for the unexpected phone call.” “Wow! I really needed encouragement today.” “Wow! Thank you for lifting my suitcase to fit in the plane’s overhead compartment.”

What is your WOW moment today?

Diana Jaworski, F.O.C.U.S. Coaching Services, is a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. Learn more about personal growth by
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