Hold your fire


Law enforcers deserve credit for exercising restraint under extreme duress as they responded, guns drawn, to a report of an unauthorized entry to a house in Washington County, Ore. They knew that danger, even death, could lurk behind the locked door of a bathroom where they believed they had trapped the suspect.

But the suspect rejected repeated demands to surrender, almost defiantly responding to police commands by making strange banging and rustling noises. There could even be a hostage!

Three deputies responded.
Then backup arrived -- a detective and two canine officers from the nearby Beaverton Police Department. According to sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Danny DiPietro, they yelled out to the intruder that they were police but got no response. Just the mysterious rustling and banging, “Like a loud thud, thud, thud on glass.”

The moment came when they decided to burst into the bathroom and take the intruder by surprise. There they encountered one of the most dastardly and feared criminals in the annals of law enforcement: a Roomba robotic vacuum. Book ‘em, Danno.


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