Help save America in 2022


America made many mistakes in the 2018 and 2020 federal elections and we are now paying for it dearly.

President Trump came to us as America’s first citizen President, not a career politician. He had no ties to the corrupt Washington swamp and the D.C. establishment all knew it was going to be very bad for them the minute President Trump stepped into the White House, corrupt RINOS (Republicans in name only) included.

President Trump spent most of his life in private business, creating jobs, helping people and he continued to do that as our 45th president making a real positive difference in the lives of the American people with his policies: securing our southern border, creating good paying American jobs and making America energy independent to name a few. Since Trump’s departure from Washington we now see all the damage being done by the Biden administration along with his radical left, socialist/Democrats in Congress. They have totally decimated the successful policies of the Trump Administration. 

We the people must take back Congress to ensure the radical, socialist/Democrat agenda is stopped before it destroys America as we know it. We can start in New York by keeping Conservative/Republicans like Elise Stefanik and Claudia Tenney in Congress fighting for us. America, please vote Republican in 2022, then again in 2024.

— Jim Zecca, Utica


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