‘Happiest Season’ is a heart-warming film


One thing that is pandemic proof is Christmas movies. And a rather nice one to add to your watchlist this season is Hulu’s “Happiest Season.”

“Happiest Season” follows the traditional Christmas movie conflict of a family member bringing home a new significant other, with wacky hijinks ensuing when they meet the family. The “Happiest Season” twist is that this is an LGBTQ movie wherein the happy couple are two women. The new twist adds several new layers of hijinks to deal with, and it remains a heart-warming movie full of the Christmas Spirit.

The couple in question are Harper, played by MacKenzie Davis, and Abby, played by Kristen Stewart. Harper invites longtime girlfriend Abby home to meet the family, and Harper reveals on that drive that she has never come out to her family. They think Abby is just her roommate. Harper’s dad is running for mayor of their hometown and Harper doesn’t want this big revelation to disrupt an already stressful time for the family, so could Abby please pretend to just be roommates?

As I said, “Happiest Season” is as charming, shmaltzy and lovely as any such Christmas movie. These films are a longtime tradition, and “Happiest Season” could easily fit into any sort of viewing party you might have of Christmas movies. It’s also wonderfully modern thanks to the LGBTQ angle.

In effect, “Happiest Season” is two movies in one. It’s both a traditional Christmas movie, where the new girlfriend has to find her place in the weird family. And it’s a coming out movie, as Harper has to decide between keeping the peace with her family or being true to herself in the name of love. And both movies work great.

Davis and Stewart are both delightful actors who give their roles a lot of chemistry, and the rest of the cast is round out with all-time pros like Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy, who I understand has been getting more and more popular thanks to his role on TV’s “Schitt’s Creek”.

“Happiest Season” provides a nice window into the trials and tribulations that gay and lesbian couples face, with at least one poignant speech about the importance of coming out to one’s family. And this gives the movie that extra layer of emotional drama and eventual wholesomeness.

There are going to be a metric ton of new Christmas movies released this year since they’re easy to make and everybody is locking down once again. I highly recommend adding “Happiest Season” on Hulu to your watchlist because it is as good as these types of Christmas romantic comedies get.


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