Half of baby boomers haven’t considered their digital legacy, tech firm claims


Today’s 50-plus generation will be one of the first to leave behind a vast and varied digital footprint .

This digital footprint is likely to containing a wealth of personal information and digital assets such as images, videos and many other items of interest.

But how many boomers have considered just what it is they are leaving behind, and what they want others to do with it?  

To investigate attitudes toward this “digital legacy,” AVG Technologies surveyed more than 5,000 people over the age of 50.

The cpompany has recently published the information in its latest Digital Diaries research, and found that 50 percent of respondents weren’t even aware of what a “digital legacy” is, let alone had thought about it.

Nonetheless, it is important for people to consider their digital legacies, not just for sentimental reasons or to pass along the histories to their children and grandchildren, but to help safeguard valuable personal information, which is equally important in the age of criminal hackers. .

For more insights around planning a digital legacy, check out the blog post http://now.avg.com/planning-your-digital-legacy by AVG Chief Marketing Officer Judith Bitterli.


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