Griffo opposes ‘gas tax’ in proposed legislation


State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, opposes a proposed “gas tax” that he says would dramatically increase gas prices and home heating bills if passed, according to a release from Griffo’s office.

“The proposal - Senate Bill S4264 - could ultimately lead to gas prices rising by as much as 55 cents per gallon and home heating costs increasing by more than 25%,” a release notes.

In a statement, Griffo said: “While we must continue to take action to protect our environment, evidence has shown that New York’s emissions have fallen by as much as 95% since 1990 … This will make it even more expensive to commute to work, bring your children to school, take your family out for a day trip and keep your house warm on a cold night. We should be focused on making New York more affordable and stopping the exodus of people, families and businesses from our state and not making it more difficult for New Yorkers to live and do business here.”

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Kevin S. Parker, D-21. The bill’s purpose, according to the proposed legislation, would enact “the climate and community investment act. This act seeks to transition NY to 100% renewable energy, create hundreds of thousands of
jobs, protect workers currently in the fossil fuel industry and support the communities most impacted by climate change and pollution.” It is currently in committee and has not been brought to the floor of the state Senate.


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