Griffiss Institute launches campaign to promote cyber safety


The Griffiss Institute and Innovare Advancement Center has commitment to Cybersecurity Awareness Month, held annually in October, by signing up as 2021 Champions and joining a growing global effort to promote the awareness of online safety and privacy.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champions Program is a collaborative effort among businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, non-profit organizations and individuals committed to the Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme of “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

“Cyber Security is comprised of many different fields, all of which have their special niche. From classical computing to cloud environments, to the new age of Quantum.

Technologies and software are constantly changing and evolving, which is great, but can leave people vulnerable,” said Chris Ward, Cyber Security technician at Griffiss Institute. 

“Cyber security should always be thought about, from strong passwords to multifactor authentication,” Ward added.

“One is only as secure as their weakest link,” he said, adding that “during the month of October, we want to highlight our weak points so that we can better protect ourselves, our companies, our families. It takes 15 years to build a reputation, but only one security incident to ruin it.”

“Cyber security is much more than a matter of IT. If you spend more on coffee than on security, you will be hacked. Let’s use October to make sure that does not happen,” Ward said.

More than ever before, technology plays a part in almost everything. Connected devices have been woven into society as an integral part of how people communicate and access services essential to their wellbeing. Despite these great advances in technology and the conveniences this provides, recent events have shown us how quickly our lives and businesses can be disrupted when cyber criminals and adversaries use technology to do harm.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month aims to shed light on these security vulnerabilities, while offering actionable guidance surrounding behaviors anyone can take to protect themselves and their organizations. Everyone has a responsibility to do their part in securing our interconnected world.

This year, the Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s main weekly focus areas will revolve around:

• Understanding and implementing basic cyber hygiene, including the importance of strong passphrases, using multi-factor authentication, performing software updates, and backing up data.

• Recognizing and reporting phishing attempts whether it’s through email, text messages, or chat boxes.

• Empowering individuals to not only practice safe online behavior but consider joining the mission of securing our online world by considering a career in cybersecurity.

• Making cybersecurity a priority in business by making products and processes “secure by design” and considering cybersecurity when purchasing new internet-connected devices.

If everyone does their part – implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences, or training employees – the interconnected world will be safer and more resilient for everyone.

Now in its 18th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to build momentum and impact with the ultimate goal of providing everyone with the information they need to stay safer and more secure online. Representatives of both the Griffiss Institute and Innovare Advancement Center said they are proud to support this far-reaching online safety awareness and education initiative which is co-led by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For more information about Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 and how to participate in a wide variety of activities, visit You can also follow and use the official hashtag #BeCyberSmart on social media throughout the month.


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