Great Swamp sinks teeth into 2019: Year of the Beaver


CANASTOTA — This year the Great Swamp Conservancy has decided to honor beavers (Castor Canadensis) by naming 2019 the “Year of the Beaver.”

The public is invited to come to this kickoff this 2019 series and enjoy a presentation by the non-profit organization, Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife, (BWW). Members of the organization will host a lecture at the Great Swamp Conservancy on Saturday, March 9, from 2 to 4 p.m. about the beaver. Admission $3 members, non- members $4.

People can “learn about nature’s engineers, a keystone species that restores and maintains wetlands, the land’s most beautiful ecosystem,” the announcement from the Great Swamp Conservancy said. The BWW will provide information about environmentally sound, cost-effective, long term solutions for problems that arise between humans and beavers.

Guest speaker Sharon Brown is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, director of BWW and has a master’s degree in Biology. The president of BWW, Owen Brown, holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a doctorate in material science engineering.

The BWW secured Dorthy Richard’s parcel in Dolgeville, a 1,300-acre property, known as Beaversprite Sanctuary after her death, but renamed it Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife. They also had a documentary about her life work put on video: “My Forty Years with Beavers.” Mrs. Richards’ life as a naturalist and educator remains an inspiration.

In 2008, BWW Board chose her birthday, April 7, for International Beaver Day. BWW has become a resource for educators, agencies, publishes and distributes literature about beavers.

For information, call 315-697-2950 or email


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