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ROUNDING THIRD: Good people fight evil

John David Fay
Sentinel columnist
Posted 7/31/22

I am not a hunter — tried it at a young age but it wasn’t my thing. Dad hunted when we were very young to put food on the table — and that’s not apocryphal. I support man’s right to own …

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ROUNDING THIRD: Good people fight evil


I am not a hunter — tried it at a young age but it wasn’t my thing. Dad hunted when we were very young to put food on the table — and that’s not apocryphal.

I support man’s right to own weapons for protection and food, but cannot understand the need for the common man to own AR-15’s and AK-47’s.

That said, they are here and will forever be. Ban their sale, ban their ownership, and you will still not be rid of them. In my lexicon, I call it the “Will of Attila.” It is that abhorrent belief that the end justifies any means. You cannot legislate morality because there will always be those who will not go along.

From the beginning of time there have been evil people who see a “different truth” than normal people. That does not mean we let them achieve their “truth.”

Good people fight evil with every breath and action we take. Psychopaths and sociopaths are out there everywhere.

Can we stop them from doing evil things? Not all! But we must continue to fight this battle. If there is a law that will slow or stop them, then pass it. I doubt it will work. Good people must oppose bad people. It’s as simple as that. Always has been and always will be. So, speak out, watch out and oppose these “paths” whenever you can.

Just don’t expect this or any government to pass laws that will bring it to a halt. The poem:

Good Versus Evil

Riches and fame may have passed me by, but a wealth of good values did not.

In a world where success is judged by dollars, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

It’s sad when a man can pick up a gun and justify killing so many.

The fifteen minutes of fame he’s achieved, to me, isn’t worth a penny.

So where have we gone so very wrong that these actions are now commonplace?

Are the weapons the reason man has evolved to this point of human disgrace?

At every level of history, we are faced with those aberrant souls,

Who will take whatever weapon’s at hand to try and achieve their goals.

Once any weapon is introduced, it is here forever to stay.

You can do all you want to make it not so, but the soulless will find a way.

The will of Attila still can be found and emerges to test our own,

In this battle of good and evil, the latter ere casts the first stone.

At every previous moment in time, the good has eventually won,

But there will forever be evil men, so the war will never be done.

The only thing that man can do is continue to strive for right,

And the only way that evil will win is for good men to just sit tight.


Historical tidbits:

• Boxing: It’s been around a long time and, at first, there were no gloves. Everyone fought bare-knuckled. When they decided to force the use of gloves — injury statistics got worse. Why? Without them, the boxers seldom aimed for the face because they would often break their knuckles. Gloves protect the hand not the face.

• You know that groundhog that is supposed to predict the weather … and spring? Well, he’s kind of “Phil” of it. Studies say he’s only right about 28% of the time. Flipping coins is better.

Joke: An older man went to the movies and decided to buy some popcorn. He was shocked at the price of it. He said to the usher, “The last time I was at the movies, popcorn was only 30 cents.” The usher responded, “Then you are really going to enjoy yourself, sir. We have sound now.”


How can I remember all the words to a song from 1958 but forget what I came into the kitchen for?

Thoughts for today:

If you could turn back the clock, where would you stop?

Teach your kid about taxes. Eat 20% of his ice cream.

If I had a dollar for every woman who found me unattractive, eventually they’d find me attractive.

See ya! JDF


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