‘Godmothered’ an unremarkable but pleasant holiday film


You can do a lot worse than Disney’s “Godmothered” if you’re looking for a family-friendly movie to watch this holiday season. You can do a lot better, too.

With the pandemic changing the way Hollywood is even going to work going forward, Disney wasn’t about to miss the chance to put something out this holiday season. Plus they’ve got that fancy Disney+ streaming service to sell. So here comes “Godmothered”, yet another mix of fairy tale magic and by-the-numbers family entertainment.

Written almost entirely for young children, but just enjoyable enough to not chase the rest of the family out of the room, “Godmothered” will suffice if you’re desperate for some Christmas spirit.

Eleanor is a young fairy godmother-in-training, but nobody believes in magic anymore, so the Motherland is going to shut down. In one last, desperate attempt to save the magic industry, Eleanor finds a letter from a 10-year-old girl asking for help, so she heads out to Boston to work her magic.

Except it’s an old letter, and that 10-year-old girl is now a 40-something single mother who gave up on “happily ever after” a long time ago. Looks like the cheerful Eleanor has her work cut out for her.

“Godmothered” is the sort of movie that isn’t trying very hard and knows it doesn’t need to. First and foremost, this is a movie for children. Between the broad writing, the friendly acting and the low stakes, “Godmothered” is designed top to bottom to appeal to youngsters. And perhaps that will work. I wouldn’t know, I’m no longer a child.

But will it work for parents or other adults in the room? I think so. All of the actors do fine jobs, making their characters likable and enjoyable. Jillian Bell is especially pleasant as Eleanor. The use of godmother magic is fun and could provide a bit of wish fulfillment for adults. And the story moves along at an easy pace.

“Godmothered” is indeed a pleasant movie. It’s a harmless, effortless, pixie dust-laden film that should serve its purpose well: to provide a new Christmas movie the whole family can enjoy if you subscribe to Disney+.


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