Get rid of vaccine mandates


What did the so called “educated leaders” think was going to happen with vaccine mandates? We are down 30,000-plus healthcare workers in this state alone as reported in several news outlets. Now these mandates are weakening our military, police agencies, fire departments and first responders. Get rid of the mandates.

We all now know, or should, that even the vaccinated can contract and spread the virus. While the vaccine does reduce hospitalizations, all those vaccinated can still be infected, myself, being vaccinated, included. I could care less if the healthcare worker, policeman, fireman or our brave military members assisting me or my family is vaccinated. My chances of contracting the disease are still there.

I believe the push back and resistance to getting the vaccination lies within the fact that it does not have as much research and testing time as vaccines we all take for granted that are required for school or military service. Those childhood vaccines took, many times, years to develop and fine tune.

There are also conflicting reports as to the effectiveness of wearing masks as well as what type of mask should be used. There are also adverse complications from extended use of a mask. Who should we believe? We have a leading expert that can’t make up his mind and changes direction often. He states we should follow the science yet he is not.

Because of the politicizing and monetary amounts given for dealing with this virus, I do not believe we will ever know the real numbers in this country of who died from COVID-19 and who died with COVID-19. My opinion is that you would be very naive to think that there were not situations where the virus was blamed for many deaths that were something else but the person tested positive.

I have had friends and acquaintances that have lost the battle and have died from and with. There are two sides to every story, this is mine. Somewhere between an opposing opinion and mine lies the truth.

— Anthony Pettinelli Jr., Rome 


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