Fun family film in ‘Enola Holmes’


Looking for a new family-friendly film to sit down and enjoy with the whole clan in these troubling times? Look no further than Netflix’s new film “Enola Holmes”, a delightful romp that should be fun for parents and children alike.

There is a lot of movie in “Enola Holmes.” This is not some G-rated kiddie flick to plop your preschoolers in front of in the hopes it will distract them. “Enola Holmes” is a legitimately good film that should be enjoyed, full of character, charm, allusions to literary masterpieces and a decent amount of trouble and mischief.

Heck, it could also serve as a way to introduce your children to the literary works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Win-win!

Enola Holmes is the much younger sister of the world famous detective Sherlock Holmes, and she is no less clever, witty and capable than her older brother. Enola was raised alone by her mother until her 16th birthday, when mother goes mysteriously missing. Enter Sherlock, who doesn’t know what to do with his rebellious teenage sister, and who is likewise curious about their missing mother.

Rather than be shipped off to a strict boarding school, Enola runs away to London to solve this mystery her own way.

Enola is played by actor Millie Bobbie Brown, the standout performer from the “Stranger Things” TV show, also on Netflix. It’s great seeing her getting more work, and Brown easily carries the entire film on her capable young shoulders. She’s smart, she’s funny, she can handle herself in both fighting scenes and emotional moments, and she develops an easy rapport with the audience.

Brown makes the movie the success that it is, and I would be very happy to see “Enola Holmes” become a whole franchise.

The movie is also very good around her. “Enola Holmes” has enough mystery, intrigue, action and even a dash of teen romance that it’s easy to get invested. I especially enjoyed the fact that Enola was allowed to be a teenage girl. She’s very smart and capable, like any good movie hero, but when she strikes up a friendship with a cute boy, she’s allowed to be smitten.

“Enola Holmes”, the movie, does a great job establishing and fleshing out Enola Holmes, the character.

Actor Henry Cavill plays Sherlock and he also does a great job as the famous detective, balancing his own mystery-solving mission with that of being an awkward older brother. Likewise, the moviemaking is top notch, easily transporting the audience to turn of the century London. It’s a gorgeous movie.

“Enola Holmes” is a true delight in these pandemic times. Full of great characters, great mystery and more than its fair share of charm, “Enola Holmes” is perfect for family movie night.

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