Fourth-grader helps create new donut


Fourth graders at Gansevoort Elementary School had a tasty assignment from their teachers, Cheryl Corr, Michael Scerra and Leigh Lombardo — plus they got to sample the results on Monday.

They had to write a persuasive essay—a unit in their writing curriculum— in an effort to persuade the owners of Dippin Donuts, John and Helen Zourdos, to make their donut flavor, said the Rome school district.

“Students had to write an introduction, three body paragraphs (taste, appearance, and theme) and a conclusion,” said Corr.

The fourth-grade teachers picked out the winner and then had to be sure that Dippin Donuts could actually make the flavor, the district said.

The winner was Emilio Tardugno with his “Wormy Donut” theme that was revealed Monday. It featured cream on the inside, with chocolate icing and crumbled Oreos plus “Gummy Worms” candy on top.

Dippin Donuts co-owner Dimitrios Zourdos was on hand to announce the winner and, of course, bring in a batch with the winning donut flavor for the fourth graders to enjoy. But it was a limited edition, made just one time for the contest.

This was the second annual Donut Essay Contest at Gansevoort, the district said. The participants included 50 students.

Below is Emilio Tardugno’s winning entry:

“A Wormy Donut

If you’re hungry for donuts and you look at the menu all you see are the same old donuts. Then something catches your eye. A donut so good, so unique that you think it’s too good to eat. So, you buy the donut. It’s called A Wormy Donut. It’s not a name a normal donut has. It’s a name for a special donut.

Next, is the most important thing about food…taste. The wormy donut is supposed to taste like heaven. It has vanilla pudding as the filling and gooey chocolate icing for the crumbled oreos to stick to. The last step will be to add gummy worms on the top to complete the Wormy Donut. The top of the donut will resemble the worm’s natural habitat, DIRT!
Now that you know everything about The Wormy Donut like the taste, ingredients and the name, you probably want to buy the Wormy Donut. It will soon be at Dippin’ Donuts. Just remember, don’t judge a donut by its name!”


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