Foundation hopes to spur additional support for those in need in community


The Griffin Charitable Foundations have been reaching out to numerous non-profit groups in recent weeks to assess their strain due to the spread of COVID-19.

Many sites, officials with the foundations say, are reporting swelling numbers of people in the community seeking help. Working individuals have suddenly found themselves without a paycheck and cannot afford food for their families.

“Under the best of circumstances, these community resources, such as soup kitchens and food pantries, work very hard with lean budgets,” the Griffin Charitable Foundations said in an announcement. “The current crisis has had a huge impact on them and the people they serve. They are desperately seeking funds and volunteers. The number of volunteers has decreased and existing volunteers are rapidly becoming burnt out.”

“Historically,” the announcement adds, “the Griffin family motto is ‘Ne Vile Velis’ and one of its many translations is ‘Wish nothing evil.’ In this spirit and in keeping with how we interpret the Griffin family’s wishes today, we are making significant financial contributions to local organizations to feed out community members who have so little.”

“We are asking the public, the business community and other entities to join us and make a meaningful donation and volunteer for one of these food-related charities,” the foundation announcement adds. “What ‘meaningful’ means is different for everyone, but every dollar will help. Our boards of directors at the Griffin Charitable Foundations are not interested in the publicity they may receive for these donations but hope instead to create an impetus for everyone to support these crucial services.”

“Dorothy Griffin recalled that her family repeated the proverb, ‘Blessed be nothing.’ Working together we can provide ‘something’ for those with ‘nothing,” the announcement adds.

The Griffin family is well known in Rome for both industry (Varflex Corporation) and philanthropy. The Griffin Charitable Foundations, a group of foundations, is their legacy. In the past, the foundations have supported Rome Memorial Hospital and Oneida Health/Roswell Park with major donations. They have long been supporters of the Rome Wesleyan Church as well as many other area non-profit organizations.


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