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F.O.C.U.S. Time: The power of purpose

Diana Jaworski
Sentinel columnist
Posted 8/7/22

From the mailman to delivery drivers, he was ready to face anyone or anything that threatened me. His distrustful look was ever on alert. With the courage of a lion and boldness of a baboon, he stood …

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F.O.C.U.S. Time: The power of purpose


From the mailman to delivery drivers, he was ready to face anyone or anything that threatened me. His distrustful look was ever on alert. With the courage of a lion and boldness of a baboon, he stood about seven inches tall. His stature was deceiving and high-pitched bark deafening. At the time, my 7-year-old little chihuahua named Chico, knew his purpose in life — keeping me safe. He was packed with an arsenal of ankle biting force that would make anyone jump up on a chair just to avoid him. He was my friend and protector that followed me everywhere. Showering me with love each day, he made sure his purpose as the ultimate protector was accomplished.

Having a keen memory and sharp senses, he confronted two neighboring Akitas when the front door was inadvertently left open. Unfortunately, he was overpowered while bravely barking to defend his turf. After the struggle, I rushed him to the vet’s office in hopes he would survive. The prognosis was not positive. Years after this event took place, I did take time to reflect on my Chico’s bravery that day. I saw him living out his instinctual purpose of being my friend and protector despite of unforeseen dangers.

There is power when one has a sense of meaning, to pursue an aim in life. Purpose helps us on our life’s journey for it provides direction and guidance. The analogy of driving at night with no headlights becomes a central theme. This would be challenging, quite possibly, foolish, and dangerous. Why would it be necessary to turn on your vehicle lights? Because it provides an illumined factor needed to attain your desired destination. Discovering and fulfilling your purpose sheds light on life’s journey.

Begin today to muster up the courage to live bravely. My little Chico, although small in stature, was bold in his purpose. Bravely facing each day, filled with uncertainties and challenges, we begin to discover new ways to fulfill our PURPOSE when we:

P – Pay attention to your passions. What are your interests? What excites you? What brings a smile to your face and skip to your step? What do you do tirelessly because it makes a difference within you and to those around you?

U – Understand who you are. Take time for self-reflection. What makes you happy? Sad? Angry? Peaceful? What motivates and inspires you? Write these thoughts in a journal to reflect upon.

R – Refer to your values. Values are related to each individual person. A list of values becomes a roadmap as to where you are at and where you want to go.

P – Properly review past experiences. As good experiences propel you forward, so should the “not so good” experiences. Do not allow bad experiences to turn you bitter. Instead, grant them permission to make you better. Turn your pain into purpose by learning from the experience and developing a stronger mindset.

O – Open yourself to opportunities. It is time to step outside of your comfort zone. Volunteering, joining groups, or actively participating in your community, will open oneself to what life has to offer by creating a sense of purpose and direction.

S – Spend time with people that inspire you and have a positive outlook on life. Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Seek out and surround yourself with those of whom motivate and encourage you to live towards your full potential. Search out mentors, life coaches, or leaders that can assist in collaborating with you to discover and develop your purpose.

E – Earnestly pursue your calling. Discouragement, doubt, and distractions will arise. Bravely combat these with desire, determination, and diligence. The adventures await you.

Days after the confrontation, I waited to hear if my little Chico would survive. The veterinarian surprisingly said, “It is a miracle he is alive. He can go home in a few days.” My champion faced the odds and survived. For five more years, he continued to live out his purpose of protecting, loving, and nipping at everyone’s heels that came too close to me. To this day, his ashes, stored in a beautiful gold urn, lovingly placed on my mantel, continue to remind me to live life boldly, courageously, and with purpose.

Diana Jaworski, F.O.C.U.S. Coaching Services, is a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. Learn more about personal growth by visiting her website at


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