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F.O.C.U.S. Time: Get in shape

Diana Jaworski
Sentinel columnist
Posted 7/10/22

It was time for the class to begin. Others were doing it and I thought, “How difficult could this be?” Joining the weightlifting class seemed like such a clever idea at the time.

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F.O.C.U.S. Time: Get in shape


It was time for the class to begin. Others were doing it and I thought, “How difficult could this be?” Joining the weightlifting class seemed like such a clever idea at the time. I was not one for participating in regular exercise. So, in my naiveness, many years ago, I decided that attending a weightlifting class would be an effortless way to “ease” into exercising.

Well, I was wrong.

I was attentive, ready, determined, and focused. My desire at this point in my life was to obtain a healthy physical shape. OK. Here we go. “Lift ... And lift ... And lift.” Not so bad. I felt quite excited that I was able to keep up with the rest of the class. When the class ended, I was all smiles. I did it!! Making it through, I could not wait to attend the next class.

How quickly my enthusiasm changed when I woke up the next day. My eyes opened, my brain was functioning, my little bird friend, Habit, was chirping outside my window, but what I felt through my body was nothing that I had ever experienced before. I could not move. No words could describe the soreness I felt.

Sure, I was told by some friends that there would be a “bit” of soreness the next day. They were a “bit” vague on the “bit” part. Literally dragging myself out of bed and heading to work, I felt that that day was the longest day of my life. Every move I made, every breath I took, was painful.

Getting in shape did not come easily for me in the beginning. Mostly because I dreaded feeling the soreness afterwards. The day arrived for the next class, and I could hear my body saying, “Girl! Are you crazy?” That is when determination set in. “Do you want to get in shape?” – No pain – No gain – “You got this!”

I have learned that attempting to be in the best physical shape is important. However, there are other areas one should focus on as well. How are you improving your mental health, spiritual health, finances, relationships, and emotional health? All the aforementioned deserve an evaluation. Consider what areas need a good “workout.” One can begin obtaining optimum SHAPE by focusing on the following:

S – Set goals and strategize. Have a vision. Establish goals. Set steps with timelines for reaching these goals.

H – Have a positive mindset. What one thinks, one becomes. Negative thoughts will breed discouragement, and an unwilling spirit to move forward. Surrounding oneself with positive quotes, podcasts, and books to ward off the negativity will keep the mind swirling with encouragement and strength.

A – Act with purpose. Only you may decide what path to follow. Once the reason of your journey has been determined, empowerment to achieve your destination lies within.

P – Pay attention to progress. Measure progress daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep track of the steps taken and changes made. Even minor changes will bring great motivation and momentum.

E – Expect results with patience. Growth, changes, and success in any area does not occur over night. Experiencing pain, uncomfortableness, “soreness,” will be part of the process. This is a positive indicator that one is moving toward a positive direction. Time will be required to achieve results. With patience, the results may be achieved.

Weightlifting was out of my comfort zone, so is “soreness,” taking risks, and trying new activities. However, I was determined to work toward my goals which required determination, intentionality, and focus. It is a choice. A choice that will cause life changing positive beneficial moments.

So, there I was, trembling at my next class. Yet, eager, and ready [hoping the instructor would cancel class], I heard those fateful, encouraging words once more, “Are you ready to get in shape?!” I jumped right in - “I am!!” “And lift - Breathe. And lift - Breathe harder. And lift ….

Diana Jaworski, F.O.C.U.S. Coaching Services, is a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. Learn more about personal growth by
visiting her website at


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