Fleeting time — The half dimension


Science tells us the universe has three and a half dimensions. Length, width and height, we understand well, but time is often a great mystery.

It is called a half dimension because it only moves in one direction. In some ways, time does not even exist.

The past is only memories we hold, and the future, as much as we try, is unknowable. We can only experience this instant, and now it too is gone. 

Thursday was the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. Of course, it was only the usual twenty-four hours, but it had the most hours of daylight.

The long summer days are one of the blessings of living in upstate New York. (What should we say of the long winter nights?)

The days give us many opportunities to enjoy the friends, family, and the beauty around us.

But we know all too soon September will arrive, so we seek to compress as much as possible into the next two months.  

It is ironic that many of us spend a good part of summer getting ready for winter. There is always working around the house needed for comfort during the cold nights that can only be accomplished during warm days.

Our summer driving is often complicated by the detours as the highway department repairs the havoc winter exerted on the roads. And so like a combination ant and grasshopper, we scurry around trying to enjoy as much as possible while we also accomplish what needs to be done. The half dimension marches on.

This weekend I retire from ministry. It does not seem possible that I have been the Pastor of Bartlett Baptist Church for the last twenty years.

I pray that this has been a good investment of the time God has given me. I do wonder what the future holds. Some have said, now I will have more “time.” Yet, I have talked to others who have retired and been told they are busier then when they were working. Time will be different.  

God is the Creator of time. God exists beyond time. But will God get lost by you in summer’s time? Many churches cut back during the summer. After all, what is the point of having Bible studies or extra services if nobody is going to attend? Many travel and are away on Sundays. Others go to camps. Even pastors take out of town vacations.

It is too easy to just let God go for the summer. Summer can be a time to get closer to God. Take your Bible outside, sit under a shade tree, and read as the summer breezes refresh you.

When traveling, visit another church. Even go and hear that substitute preacher while yours is on vacation. Look for the beauty of a rainbow after a summer thunderstorm, and thank God for reminding you of His love and promises. Take to a neighbor some fresh vegetables or flowers from your garden. Tell them of the God who provides the bounty. Close each day with a prayer thanking God for the blessings of that summer day.  

Enjoy your summer’s half dimension. May it contain the full blessings of God.


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