Flashing strobe lights could make difference on school buses


There has been quite a bit of well deserved media attention on the school bus safety issue due to a near tragic incident prevented only by an observant and quick thinking bus driver. 

Also in this discussion is the NYS approval to put cameras on the flashing STOP arms which open out on the bus’s left side when the driver activates the passenger door mechanism to allow student entry/departure.

Cameras on STOP arms will not “stop” drivers from passing school buses, rather they will only record the evolving tragedy instead of preventing it! A better idea and proactive solution is putting bright flashing strobe lights in the headlights and taillights of the bus which causes a highly visual attention getting device at the usual eye level of most car/SUV drivers when the bus driver activates the passenger door mechanism for students. This technology is already in use in emergency vehicles - police cars, fire trucks, ambulances as well as other road side assistance vehicles — tow trucks and heavy service vehicles.

I respectfully ask US Rep. Anthony Brindisi, D-22, Utica, to amend his recent legislation to require all school bus manufacturers to begin inserting flashing strobe lights in new school bus headlights and taillights as they are assembled for retail delivery.

— Bob Balick, Rome


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