Electronic voting could solve several problems


How we vote in the future concerns me. I am afraid if no action is taken, what we experience in our recent U.S. House of Representatives election may repeat itself.

I propose an additional new way of voting; using your electronic devices such as, computer, phone, pad to fill in your ballot and submit the ballot electronically. Note: Computer programming will need to be developed to support electronic voting.

This can be accomplished by first, establishing a voter identification number (code) for each individual resident citizen; similar to our Social Security number. The number would incorporate not only the individual identity number but also, a suffix or prefix identifying the assigned state and voting location. The number would be assigned to the individual after an initial verification process showing citizenship and residency proof. As long as residence is maintained, the assigned code can be used for all future elections.

The voter when filling either a paper ballot or electronic ballot, (which can be downloaded from the county website), must enter the code on the ballot. Once the ballot is complete, submit the ballot by email or print the ballot for mailing or hand-carry to the proper polling location.

This code is a one-time use per election only. Any attempt to use the code twice or more will automatically nullify the ballot. The Board of Election will notify the voter, confirm the voter identification and provide corrective action to be taken needed to resubmit the ballot. Note: this action will provide voter fraud tracking information.

This new additional way of voting will significantly reduce fraud opportunities, speed up the process of counting votes, and instill confidence in our voting process.

I hope our political leaders will debate this proposed voting method.

— Nick Pantazis, Ava


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